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Accelerate25XL Strategy: Revenue goal for 2025 raised by 30%

Based on the 2021 results and current 2022 expectations, the Board of Directors has reviewed the Accelerate25 growth strategy launched in January...
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Software outsourcing trends 2022: adaptability, cybersecurity, and IoT

2022 is looking like another year of transition towards a new normal. It’s safe to say that we can already declare “hybrid” as the most used word of...

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Annual Report 2021: Revenue growth of 64% and EBITDA growth of 94%

2021 was a truly great year for Wirtek! We have delivered strong results during the first year of our Accelerate25 growth strategy and we are...
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Wirtek signs large client contract and increases expectations for 2022

Wirtek has just signed a large long-term contract with a new client in Denmark which involves the establishment of a large, dedicated team in...

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How Wirtek and Spectralink grew alongside for over 12 years

We have collaborated with Spectralink, a top provider of enterprise mobility solutions, for over 12 years, during which we have successfully provided...

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Fellowship, not just internship - 2022 edition

Is an internship worth my time? Why not just skip it and go for a full-time paying job? In our experience, it definitely is, and by the way, you...

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Wirtek expands leadership with a new CFO

Wirtek's Board of Directors has appointed Aurora Pestesan as new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The expansion of the Executive Management team is...

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Mistakes we made when adopting Agile

The essence of the Agile philosophy is to enable teams to adapt fast in a world where change is the only constant. When transitioning to a new...

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How Agile helps deliver better software

Agile has become one of the most popular ways of conducting projects today due to its flexibility. What’s more, in Agile project management, testing...

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Large strategic order from new client in UK

Wirtek has just signed a long-term contract with a new client within the financial services sector in the United Kingdom.Wirtek will provide a...

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20 years of Wirtek: We asked our colleagues why did they stay with us?

2021 was a special year for Wirtek. We celebrated the 20 years since we’ve been on the market and 15 years since we opened our first office in...

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Strategic order for Cybersecurity services to large US client

Wirtek welcomes continued growth in the third quarter with a Cybersecurity team dedicated to supporting one of Wirtek’s existing large...

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