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Pricing models in IT outsourcing - which one is the right for you?

When you decide to outsource your software development or testing work, selecting the pricing model is just as an essential task as finding the right...

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How do you select the right IT outsourcing collaboration model?

IT outsourcing has come a long way since its inception in the 70s - 80s. From outsourced data centers in the 80s to APS (application service...

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Wirtek again raises expectations for 2020

The Board of Directors for Wirtek A/S raises the expectations for the third time this year based on an updated prognosis for 2020.

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Q3 2020 financial report: 18% revenue growth & increased profitability


Wirtek has just published the interim financial report for Q3 2020 on Nasdaq Copenhagen. 

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Millionærklubben interviews Michael Aaen

Our CEO, Michael Aaen, was a guest on the Danish investor-show Millionærklubben (“The Millionaire Club”). The show focused on the “old” companies...

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What are Sprint Retrospectives and what is so special about them?

How many times did you read or hear about companies bragging that they want to “do it right the first time”? Probably so many times that it became...

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Wirtek again raises expectations for 2020 after new customer order

Wirtek has just published a Nasdaq Copenhagen announcement where we raise our expectations for the second time this year.

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Q2 2020 financial report: 23% revenue growth

Wirtek has just published the financial report for Q2 2020. Revenue shows a growth of 23% during the quarter compared to Q2 2019 and EBITDA increased...

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The state of tech sector in Denmark in 2020

What makes Denmark stand out?

Denmark is popular for quite a few things. The world’s most livable city (Copenhagen), number one in the world in...

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Doing good during difficult times

As all businesses around the globe were forced to rapidly set new priorities in response to the impact of coronavirus, corporate responsibility was...

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Fellowship, not just internship

Wirtek’s summer internship is a valuable program, mutually beneficial for both the participants and the company. It allows us to meet young talent...

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Committed to delivering value as always

This is a difficult time for everyone. On one hand, it means a lot of stress for all of us, on the other, it brings us a new appreciation for our...

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