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Our people are the key. Friendly, smart, caring, loyal, talented, genuine… in one word: awesome! And we love working together, so much so that some of us have been here for more than 10 years.

Selected member stories

We think our colleagues are awesome human beings and care for each of them. Read some of their stories.

Rares Cristureanu

Rareș Cristureanu

Software Architect

I’ve always considered that programming offers me so many ways to discover and learn. During these 13 years with Wirtek I had the opportunity to be involved in numerous collaborations that allowed me to “draw” optimal solutions, to understand and help people, to get to a professional and personal maturity. After all this time, I think it is important to keep exploring, to push through hard times, to enjoy accomplishments, to savor a glass of cognac with my colleagues… always with a smile.


Cristian Olariu

Business Unit Director

Together with Wirtek, we always try to do our best and to go the extra mile! Extra mile for our customers, extra mile for our professional goals, extra mile for our personal goals. Step by step and always constant in achieving our objectives. That extra mile can make the difference: to have both the customers and us happy! I do it, Wirtek does it and everyone of us can do it.

Andrei Giurgiu

Andrei Giurgiu

Senior Equipment Tester

When you say you’ve been working for the same company for 13 years, everybody asks if you’re not tired of doing the same thing…. It’s pretty difficult to get bored when you work for a client that provides software (and hardware) solutions for giants in the audio and gaming industry, when almost every month you start a project just “a bit” more challenging than the previous one or when travel plans pop-up unexpectedly and you get to either visit the client or attend trainings in Denmark. The satisfaction you feel when a product that you tested for months on end, or even years, is finally available on the market or is awarded a prize at a technology fair, the great people you work with, my team and our client, these are all reasons for which I am still here.

Irina Bulai

Irina Sharaiyri

HR Team Lead

An open heart and a commitment towards professionalism, respect and involvement is what I put on the table as a colleague in the Wirtek team. We are facing challenges every day, what would be the fun without them, right? Still, knowing that I am surrounded by colleagues that I trust, willing to find the best solution in every situation, and who, on top of that, can put a smile on your face, makes things simpler, motivating, and rewarding!

Ioana Bodea

Ioana Bodea

Office Manager

Our dedicated and involved office manager, who knows the ins and outs of Wirtek like no one else. The woman with a thousand talents: Accounting and HR Support, Professional Shopper, Personal Assistant, Handy(wo)man, Chef, Stand-up Duo Member, Christmas Elf, Travel Agent, IT Technician, Legal Advisor and so many more. She’s always there for us, making sure that we don’t leave a mess, remember the rules and that we are happy and content. She sighs disapprovingly when we misbehave :) She would never write about herself, so...

Cora Sasaran

Cora Sasaran

Junior Software Developer

In my short experience here, I quickly realized what a dedicated community Wirtek is. A great combination of outgoing and friendly people with vast knowledge ready to help whenever I have questions.
As a part of the Energinet team, I have the amazing opportunity to travel and broaden both my cultural and professional experience. It keeps me motivated and curious, just how I like it.

Iulia Botoman-1

Iulia Botoman

Junior Software Developer

Even though I haven’t been in this industry for a very long time and I’m still a newbie that tries to find her path, I felt super welcomed from the beginning. Working with such amazing people and having the chance to connect with them in non-office situations proved to me that the fellowship they’ve been “bragging” about during the internship was indeed very genuine.
During my time at Wirtek, I realized that my social skills “suffered” an exponential growth and I’m glad to say that the people here had something to do with this.

RalucaAnaUrsu 183x183-1

Raluca Ursu

Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist

For me, Wirtek was my first job after college. Entering this new world with easy restraints, I quickly learned that Wirtek is a very welcoming environment that offers flexibility and a balance between personal life and work life. As part of the Spectralink team, my role is to make sure that the products delivered to the customer work at the highest level. I like to get involved in new projects, to help create a smooth user experience.

It is very important to me that my work is recognized and appreciated, which has been happening since day one. If the team is happy, the client will be happy and the end user will get a top tier product.


Andreea Cazacu

Scrum Master & Product Owner

I’m a devoted promoter of Scrum and Agile practices. I believe that good communication, open minds and Agile practices can ensure a successful collaboration inside a team, while also ensure the client’s satisfaction. I have high standards when it comes to quality, and I like to tell it as it is, both of which have helped me in my role as a Scrum Master & Product Owner. I’m always willing to help and want to empower my team to do their best to deliver working valuable software for end users. Being driven and dedicated, I can say I really enjoy being an advocate for my colleagues’ well-being. As anyone with an Agile mindset would tell you: people over processes.

Denis Betivu

Denis Betivu

Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist

I graduated from the Faculty of Telecommunications in Cluj-Napoca and within the Wirtek company, I fulfill the attributions of a Network and telecommunication specialist. I am part of a team of professionals with whom I enjoy working and I feel like I have something to learn constantly. I am also a very meticulous person and I like the role of "Bug hunter" in which I subject the applications to various tests to ensure their guaranteed reliability.

In my free time I like to cooks, practice volleyball, swimming and hiking. The fact that I know a few languages helps me to socialize easily and find nice people everywhere.

Claudia 183x183-1

Claudia Andreea Sacludean-Anghel

HR Generalist

Great people make great companies. Wirtek is no exception and I strive to keep it that way. I'm always looking for the best people to help us grow and develop but I'm also looking for the best people. Because we are more than a company, we are a community and, most importantly, we are friends. Everyone who's ever worked in Wirtek is remembered as a pillar of this community and we like to keep in touch with them. The recognition we show our colleagues for their valuable contribution is the most important thing for me and the reason I work every day: to make it greater.