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Sprint Retrospective meetings - why they matter and how to run great retrospectives

How many times did you read or hear about companies bragging that they want to “do it right the first time”? Too many times, perhaps?

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Agile software development: what you need to know and how it facilitates adaptability within your company

The Agile methodology has been gaining popularity ever since the birth of the Agile Manifesto almost two decades ago. 

While many software companies...

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The state of the technology sector in Denmark in 2023


Denmark is famous for quite a few things. The world’s top livable city (Copenhagen), the country with the best digital quality of life in the world...

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Teamwork makes the dream work: how important is it to build a team-centric culture?

"Teamwork makes the dream work", "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - there are many teamwork related quotes that we hear all...

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Trends in the Telecommunication Manufacturing Industry in 2022

Technological advances have threatened the dominance of the telecom sector for the first time in its history. Telecom cybersecurity, 5G, blockchain,...

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How to select a reliable software outsourcing company

With the growing shortage of tech talent worldwide, more and more companies are turning to software development outsourcing as the solution....

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5 Critical Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

Cybersecurity aims to reduce the risk of attacks and, simultaneously, protect against the unauthorized exploitation of technologies, systems, and...

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How to keep ahead of the game in Equipment Testing and improve your Product's Time to Market


Why is time to market so important, and how does it impact profitability?


Electronic products need to be on the market at the right time to...

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Integration based on organic synergies between two companies

2021 was a great year for M&A worldwide, and technology continued to fuel investor appetite with 470 deals worth USD 225.7bn. In April 2021, Wirtek...

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Accelerate25XL Strategy: Revenue goal for 2025 raised by 30%

Based on the 2021 results and current 2022 expectations, the Board of Directors has reviewed the Accelerate25 growth strategy launched in...
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Software outsourcing trends 2022: adaptability, cybersecurity, and IoT

2022 is looking like another year of transition towards a new normal. It’s safe to say that we can already declare “hybrid” as the most used word of...

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Annual Report 2021: Revenue growth of 64% and EBITDA growth of 94%

2021 was a truly great year for Wirtek! We have delivered strong results during the first year of our Accelerate25 growth strategy and we are...
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