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Committed. Involved. Proficient.

Meet our team

Adina Balea
Director of Software Engineering Services
Réka Borbély-Bándy
Director of Marketing
Dan Antal
Senior Software Developer
Vasilică Axinte
Senior Software Developer
Lucian Bacea
Telecommunications Quality Assurance Engineer
Călin Baciu
Software Developer
Adina Benea
Online Marketing Specialist
Alexandra Borbely
HR Specialist
Codruța Borgovan
Senior Software Developer
Ana-Maria Boroș
Talent Acquisition Specialist

These are some of our colleagues who put their hearts and minds into making the lives of others around them better. Be it clients, the team, or the community.

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Core services

We team up with companies like yours and help them create great software solutions and electronic equipment products.

Software Engineering Services

Helping you engineer software solutions end-to-end. From idea conceptualization to going live and maintenance, matching the needs of your business and market.

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Electronic Equipment Services

Complete services on your existing equipment from embedded and integration software development to QA and conformance of the final product.

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Benefits of working with us

You get to work with people who truly care about your business and making your software product a success. Not only do you get top-notch technical solutions, but also a team that is committed, involved and proficient.

Committed team

Our team will literally plug into your business so they can grasp your goals and your needs. We deliver solutions specially designed for you and go the extra mile whenever needed. You get more than just great minds, you get people with their hearts in the right place.

Real solutions

We act as a partner, not just a vendor: we ask lots of questions and challenge ideas to find the best way forward. The knowledge, work ethic, and realistic approach of our team mean you'll receive genuine advice to help accelerate your success and fulfill your vision.

Familiarity & reliability

Developing great relationships and culture fit is just as important as tech competences. When you're a client, you get good communication, transparency, and a loyal, long-term team that you can trust to always deliver. We are your colleagues from Cluj and Bucharest.


What we’ve accomplished together



years of experience in the IT industry



credit rating awarded


6+ years

average client partnership duration, and increasing day-by-day



average annual revenue growth during the past 9 years



we listed on Nasdaq First North and adopted the Agile principles for software development



increase in share price from 2016 - 2020


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