About Us

About us

A Brief Company History

Wirtek A/S is a Danish consultancy services company with strong competencies in outsourcing of software development product testing services. We provide our customers with flexible services of high quality at competitive prices from our Development and Test Centers in Romania. Our competencies include web-based solutions and portals, mobile solutions as well as embedded systems. Wirtek focuses on building long-term customer partnerships and a win-win relationship that creates added value for our customers.

Highlights in Wirtek’s History

  • 2001 – Wirtek established based on spin-off from Nokia
  • 2006 – Initial Public Offering on the Nasdaq OMX First north market place
  • 2006 – Development- and Test Center established in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 2007 – Wirtek Mobile Academy established to educate software developers in mobility
  • 2007 – Selected by Microsoft as preferred global training partner for Microsoft Dynamics Mobile
  • 2010 – Strategic focus on small and medium-size businesses
  • 2014 – Wirtek adds another office facility in Cluj-Napoca to handle the growth
  • 2016 – Wirtek celebrates 15 years in Aalborg, Denmark 2001-2016! Wirtek celebrates the 10th   Anniversary of the Software Development and Testing center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2006 – 2016!
  • 2017 – Wirtek opens a new office in Bucharest as part of strategic partnership with one of our customers

Core Values

In order to express our beliefs in the way we work and all we do as a company, we created a set of five company core values. They lie at the heart of our vision and mission and form the foundation of our professional relation to customers, partners, and colleagues.

Respect for Each Other

Mutual respect is paramount to Wirtek. We aim at building customer relationships based on mutual respect. We are attentive to each others’ needs and pursue considerateness as well as open and honest communication.

Customer Care

Our customers are the reason for our existence as a company. We therefore pay attention to our customers’ wishes and promote close relationships building on trust.

Commitment to Quality

The best possible quality under the given circumstances. All of our work processes are driven by this goal. We constantly work with process improvement to ensure continuously improving quality.


We encourage creative thinking because we know this will lead to innovative solutions for our customers. Wirtek’s continued success builds on our capability to break new ground.

Professional Excellence

Further education and a constant improvement of our skills ensure professional excellence. This guarantees productive and motivated employees ready to take on the challenges ahead.


Wirtek takes its social role in the community very seriously. It affects the way we perceive ourselves as well as our engagement in activities that are not directly related to Wirtek’s business activities.

A few examples of our commitment to living up to our social responsibility:

  • Wirtek’s environmental policy
  • Our own Social IT organisation that supports the local community in Cluj
  • Our stance towards the international standard for social accountability (SA8000)
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) supporter

Management Team

Board of Directors

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