Collaboration models

You can count on us to be there in helping you choose the collaboration model best suited for your needs.


We’ve been working with startups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises alike for the past 20+ years. And we’ve learned along the way, that when it comes to working with our clients, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works.

Your company’s context, timing, internal expertise and priorities are unique, so working under a single, common service model won’t cut it. Our collaboration model is flexible by design: we can establish and manage a dedicated team under your guidance to help implement your long-term business goals for your products, or we can develop a project within a given timeframe and budget. When you get in touch with us, we’ll consult with you to determine which engagement model best suits your organization and your needs.

Dedicated Teams Explained

We establish and manage dedicated development teams to help our clients build or extend their software development capabilities. Whether you have your own internal development team already, or are looking to build one from scratch, our dedicated team model can be the right fit for you. We assemble your team of skilled and dedicated professionals with the needed qualification, experience and role. This team becomes a natural extension of your company’s in-house software development team and augments it with extra capacity and capabilities.

Who is it for

  • If you are building a complex software solution that evolves over time, with requirements that change often and scope of work not well defined.
  • Your company is growing and you want to expand your software team.
  • You want to be intensively involved in the development process.
  • You are looking to retain the product vision but want to share the delivery responsibility.


  • collaboration_model_benefits
    A partnership approach: When you are successful, so are we.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Being dedicated, empathic and proactive, we’ll deliver software solutions specially designed for you, and go the extra mile if needed, to achieve the best results.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    A loyal, long-term team, your colleagues from abroad.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Have your own committed and proactive team that immerses into your business. We work to understand your business, goals and product as if it was our own.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Transparent collaboration: You always know where you stand with us and how your product is evolving.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    We’ll be invested in your vision, ask questions, challenge ideas, and propose the best way forward, adding value every step of the way.

Project Services Explained

When you are developing a software solution of limited scope, our project services can help you achieve your goals. Or you may wish to go into a long-term collaboration with us but want to try out working together first through a smaller project. Our project services model is flexible, and we can work on fixed-price projects, time-and-material projects and models in-between such as shared-risk/shared-gain projects. Together we will determine the best approach for your project. And best of all, you can always decide later to turn a project services collaboration into a dedicated team collaboration.

Who is it for

  • You want to try out the collaboration with us through a smaller project before deciding to set up a dedicated team.
  • You need to develop a smaller software solution of limited scope.
  • You want to implement a prototype or product demo quickly.
  • It is not essential to keep business- and product knowledge gained by the team after delivery.


  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Many of the benefits of working with us are shared between dedicated teams and project services.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Our project services allow you to focus on your core business while benefiting from our software development and project management expertise.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    Agile processes, good communication, transparency.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    With our 20+ years of technical expertise in software and electronic equipment engineering, you get industry best practices and the specific expertise you need.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    You can rely on our process frameworks and tools, in case you don’t have your own already in place.
  • collaboration_model_benefits
    The knowledge, work ethic and realistic approach of our team means you'll receive genuine advice to help accelerate your success.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns the intellectual property rights (IPR) for the work done by Wirtek?

    Concerning IPR we do not distinguish between work done by a dedicated team or as part of a project. Our clients always have ownership of all intellectual property rights, with regard to the results and other material provided by Wirtek according to the contract. This will also be specified clearly in the contract.
  • Is it possible to augment a dedicated team with project services?

    Absolutely! We have several clients that have a dedicated team setup that handles the development and testing of their core product. And in cases of increased work load we can provide extra capacity to handle the additional workload so time-to-market needs are met. We also often provide project services to clients with dedicated teams when solving a specific task needs expertise that is not currently in the team and that expertise is not needed permanently in the team. Combining a dedicated team setup with project services on an as-needed basis provide our clients with great flexibility.
  • Can I change from a project team to a dedicated team?

    The short answer is "yes". Several of our clients, that have dedicated teams with us, started out the collaboration using our project services. Converting from a project services model to a dedicated team allows our clients to keep the valuable domain- and product knowledge that is built up in the project team. And the client also gains full control of all aspects of the work performed by the team members. Just as if the team was their own employees.
  • What project services model fits my project the best?

    The best project services model for a specific project depends on a number of factors. If the scope of a project is agreed upon and the specifications of the product/solution are very well defined, a fixed-price project may be a good choice. You know the budget up front and the time line for the project is quite stable. However, changes to the specifications during the project will lead to additional costs and likely changes to the project schedule. And new ideas have a tendency to pop up, as a project progresses. A fixed-price project is not very flexible in handling new ideas and normally works best for smaller projects. If your project specifications are not well-defined from the outset, or you just want to have flexibility to change scope and/or specifications of the project during implementation, then time-and-material is the best project model. You have full control of all aspects of the project and can e.g. gather feedback from the market before deciding on next steps. And there is very little overhead involved in changing specifications. You only pay for the actual work performed on your project. But time-and-material projects also require good project management to ensure that your budget is under control and time schedule does not slip. Besides fixed-price and time-and-material project models, we can also offer models such as shared-risk/shared-gain. Contact us if you want to know more.
  • What is the cost structure of a project?

    It really depends on the project service model chosen for your particular project. In a typical time & material project, all work performed during a month is invoiced according to the delivered hours at the end of the month. As for fixed price projects as well as shared-risk/shared-gain projects, the payment for work performed is agreed during contract negotiations.

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