Can you afford to ignore these 5 problems smart home owners face?

If you think they're not worth the risk, we’ve prepared 5 ways for you to deal with each of them.

The margin of error for your home automation business is razor-thin. Data breaches, hacking threats, complex user interfaces, difficult customization, and limited accessibility aren't just nuisances; they're ticking time bombs for your clients. When you decide to ignore them, you invite risks like these in your smart home: 

  • Losing revenue  
  • Breaking customer trust  
  • Damaging your brand’s reputation  

Do you think ignoring these issues is an option? Making a high-risk gamble with your business's future on the line? 
Then you’re also ready for what follows: 

  • Legal repercussions 
  • High customer attrition 
  • Competitive displacement.  

If you think these risks are not worth taking, we’ve prepared ways for you to deal with each of them: 


1. Privacy Risks Associated With Data Collection 

Sensitive customer data is a goldmine. Until it gets into the wrong hands. 
The more data you collect, the higher the stakes. One data breach and you could lose customer trust forever, facing legal penalties and damaging your brand image irreparably. 

Developing robust data encryption and secure storage systems will protect your customers. And serve as a shield for your business reputation. 

Wirtek helps you develop this type of software. So you can turn your defense against potential cyberattacks into a competitive advantage your clients will pay for. 


2. Vulnerabilities in Wireless Communication and Hacking Threats  

Hacking problems don’t come down only to your databases. They can make their way directly into your customer’s smart home. Imagine a hacker having its way with your client’s house. And the PR nightmare and customer distrust coming after such an incident. 

Developing wireless protocols and firmware that are hacker-resistant is the way to go. Because you’re not only solving a problem. You’re adding a feature. One that will make potential clients ditch your competitors. 


3. Complexity in User Interfaces and Lack of Intuitive Controls

Every confused customer navigating your interface is a potential churn risk. 
Each poor review drives away prospective buyers. 
Poor UI/UX is more than a design flaw. 
It’s a silent revenue killer. 

Working with Crestron for over 5 years taught us how to build intuitive UI/UX. It helped us understand that the difference between a satisfied customer and one who won’t buy from you again is one wrong menu away. 

4. Difficulty in Customizing System Settings and Creating Personalized Automation 

Your customers buy your home automation solutions to make their lives convenient. Not to navigate through endless personalization menus just to sync their bedroom lights with the ones in the living room. Until they eventually give up and decide your product is not for them. Then tell all their friends about the problems you caused them. 

The same 15+ years of expertise working with Crestron helped us develop intuitive personalization solutions. 
Solutions we can also develop for you. 
Make your clients’ lives easier. 
And make them advocates for how easy it is to customize their controls using your product. 


5. Limited Accessibility Options for Individuals with Disabilities  

Lack of accessibility features restricts your customer base. It excludes individuals with disabilities who could greatly benefit from home automation. Non-compliance with accessibility guidelines could also invite legal complications. Is it worth it? 

Integrate voice command capabilities, screen reader support, and other assistive technologies into your home automation software. 

By making your system accessible to everyone, you not only comply with legal standards. You also open up a whole new market segment. 

Are you aware of these problems your clients face? 
Do you have a way of dealing with them? 
Or do you want to fix them, but don’t have enough skilled persons available? 
We’re here to take care of it for you. 


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