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20 years of expertise in IT outsourcing.
Committed. Involved. Proficient.

What we can do for you

We team up with companies like yours and help them create great software solutions and electronic equipment products.

Software engineering services

  • Product engineering
  • System architecture & design
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product re-engineering
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Electronic equipment services

  • Embedded software development
  • Electronic equipment QA and conformance testing
  • Technical writing for complex systems
  • Testing prototypes
  • Test automation for software/system tests
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DevOps Services

Are you looking to improve the efficiency, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of your software product?

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How we do it

Your team at Wirtek is assembled based on the needs of the product we want to build together. We look into having the most valuable technical expertise, the proper experience, and the can-do attitude. Setting the right expectations from the very beginning is crucial for a successful collaboration. Being able to adapt and react to the ever-changing business or market needs is also highly important.
This is how our process looks like when onboarding new clients.
Product discovery
Before engaging in any collaboration, we want to make sure we can add value to your product. Meeting you allows us to know each other better and understand your challenges and where we can help
Engaging in a collaboration model
We have now understood your goals and we’re deciding on how to best work together: building a dedicated team or by outsourcing your product development.
Setting up a team
Decide who are the right people to help you succeed, what technical skills or experience they should bring into the game.
Deciding the working methodology
Guided by the Agile principles, we agree upon the working routines which will help us achieve the needed results.
Getting the job done
We are up-and-running, doing what we do best in terms of software development, delivery, helping you fulfill your vision.

Business Domain Expertise

Work with experts who possess a deep understanding of your particular industry and are able to craft software solutions that seamlessly integrate with the ever-evolving landscape of your business domain.





Workforce & facility management


Wireless communication & automation


Trade &

Benefits of working with us

You get to work with people who truly care about your business and making your software product a success. Not only do you get top-notch technical solutions, but also a team that is committed, involved and proficient.

Committed team

Our team will literally plug into your business so they can grasp your goals and your needs. We deliver solutions specially designed for you and go the extra mile whenever needed. You get more than just great minds, you get people with their hearts in the right place.

Real solutions

We act as a partner, not just a vendor: we ask lots of questions and challenge ideas to find the best way forward. The knowledge, work ethic, and realistic approach of our team mean you'll receive genuine advice to help accelerate your success and fulfill your vision.

Familiarity & reliability

Developing great relationships and culture fit is just as important as tech competences. When you're a client, you get good communication, transparency, and a loyal, long-term team that you can trust to always deliver. We are your colleagues from Cluj and Bucharest.

Collaboration models

When you decide to work with us, you can choose the engagement model that makes the most sense for you.

Dedicated teams

For complex software solutions, we build teams to help you extend or create your software development capabilities.

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Project services

Best suited for small scale applications with limited scope, or when you need to build a prototype quickly.

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