Wirtek's Milestone in the Electric Vehicle Sector

At Wirtek, we believe in sustainable growth and the continuous evolution of our clients’ products.

Our company has successfully signed a new contract with an existing client from the United States, a key player in the electric vehicles sector.

Securing a Lucrative Deal

This new agreement is not just a testament to Wirtek's competence but also a beacon of future growth, as it is projected to yield over DKK 1 million in revenue in the next 12 months. 

The successful expansion of this partnership also highlights the potential of extending our collaboration further in 2024. This year saw an increase in terms of multiple new long-term projects focused on semiconductors and electric battery advancements and innovation.


Michael Aaen, CEO at Wirtek says: “Our ability to consistently deliver services of very high quality has earned Wirtek preferred supplier status with a globally leading technology company operating in several industries, including energy and automotive. As we approach the end of 2023, this partnership has steadily grown, doubling the monthly revenue from this client since the beginning of the year. We see this collaboration to continue during the coming years.”

Looking forward to utilizing our experience in the energy sector, especially in EV, to further contribute to our client’s growth


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