Wirtek Leadership: Spotlight on New Business Unit Directors

At Wirtek, we value growth and dedication. Today, we're thrilled to introduce the newest leaders joining our ranks.

Doru Cioclea - Guiding Wireless Communication and Automation, Trade and E-commerce
Doru has been a part of our team for over a decade, moving up from a senior developer role to now being a Business Unit Director. His journey isn't just about coding; he's been involved in everything from presales and upselling to all stages of development.

What makes Doru stand out? He believes in fresh ideas backed by real, genuine connections. He sees technology as a way to shape businesses and bring new ideas to life. And when he's not deep in the tech scene, he loves spending time outdoors, enjoying nature. This mix of tech and nature shows the heart of Wirtek - a place where dedication, passion, and growth come together.


Cristian Olariu - Heading Digitalization, Energy, Workforce, and Facility Management
For Cristian Olariu, making sure software is top-quality has always been more than just a job; it's his passion. He's committed to giving customers the best experience, and he's always working to make sure business and tech teams understand each other better.

One of Cristian's big beliefs is in the power of learning. He thinks that always trying to learn and grow, both for himself and for the company, is a key to success. With his focus on quality and growth, Cristian is pushing Wirtek into a future where our tech solutions not only work great but also fit perfectly with business needs.



Think of technology like a big puzzle. Doru is finding the right pieces and fitting them together with creativity and connections, while Cristian is making sure every piece is perfect and helping everyone work together. We can't wait to see what the future brings with these two leading the way!


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