High demand of Smart Lighting among domotics clients. Why?

The smart lighting demand is growing. 13% of US internet households now illuminate their homes with smart light bulbs. And 6% have taken command with a smart lighting control system, according to Park Associates.

Energy conservation is a key motivator. 40% of consumers acknowledge they need to reduce energy usage but prefer solutions that don't demand excessive effort. This is where smart lighting shines, offering energy efficiency without sacrificing convenience or comfort.

The challenge? Homeowners are not just looking for smart gadgets; they want a smart ecosystem.
The demand for smart lighting products quadrupled since 2017, indicating a clear trend towards integrated home automation experiences.

Interoperability is also a critical purchase consideration for almost a third of the smart light buyers. The advent of Matter, the new industry standard, is set to streamline the integration of smart lighting into the broader smart home system, although it calls for greater consumer education on its benefits.

The surge in smart lighting adoption aligns with broader home technology trends. Light fixtures were the most popular tech item among renovating homeowners in 2022, according to Houzz. 17% of the customers asked for lights that can be operated from a mobile device. And the demand won’t stop here. Smart lighting will reach 20.5% of the home automation market by 2027, IDC predicts.


The landscape of home lighting is rapidly evolving, with smart lighting systems not only providing a means to personalize and enhance living spaces but also addressing the larger goal of energy efficiency. As technology advances, the integration and interoperability of smart lighting with home systems will likely become a standard homeowner expectation.

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