New Cluj-Napoca Office: A Milestone for Wirtek

We're excited to unveil our newest office in Cluj-Napoca, a development closely aligned with our Accelerate25XL growth plan. This office is an important building block as we continue to expand and strive for success.

Team Collaboration Makes Perfect
One of the standout features of our new space is that it was shaped by the hard work and creative ideas of our own colleagues. This wasn't just a top-down project; it was a collective effort that brought about an inspiring work environment.

Work, Relax, and Celebrate
Understanding the need for a well-rounded work environment, our new office goes beyond traditional setups. It offers areas designed for focused work but also provides dedicated spaces for relaxation and social events. We want our team to have a space where they can excel professionally and also recharge.

This new space isn't just an office; it's an investment in our future. It's an essential part of our path toward achieving the milestones laid out in our Accelerate25XL strategy.

We thank our dedicated team, clients, and supportive partners who've made this step possible. We're enthusiastic about what this means for our future as we continue to grow and innovate.



Wirtek A/S is a Danish IT consultancy company that provides software development, testing, and consultancy services to help clients worldwide. With a team of more than 200 talented professionals, Wirtek specializes in Digitalization, Energy, Workforce & Facility Management, Wireless Communication & Automation, and Trade & E-commerce.
At Wirtek, we prioritize building long-term client relationships, with some lasting over a decade. We believe that quality partnerships are just as important as software quality in achieving our client's goals. Established in 2001, we have offices in Denmark and Romania and have been listed on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen since 2006. 


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