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Wirtek again raises expectations for 2020 after new customer order

Wirtek has just published a Nasdaq Copenhagen announcement where we raise our expectations for the second time this year.

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Q2 2020 financial report: 23% revenue growth

Wirtek has just published the financial report for Q2 2020. Revenue shows a growth of 23% during the quarter compared to Q2 2019 and EBITDA increased...

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Doing good during difficult times

As all businesses around the globe were forced to rapidly set new priorities in response to the impact of coronavirus, corporate responsibility was...

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Fellowship, not just internship

Wirtek’s summer internship is a valuable program, mutually beneficial for both the participants and the company. It allows us to meet young talent...

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Committed to delivering value as always

This is a difficult time for everyone. On one hand, it means a lot of stress for all of us, on the other, it brings us a new appreciation for our...

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2019 annual report published: double-digit growth continues

Wirtek has just published the annual report for 2019. Revenue shows a growth of 14% compared to 2018 and profit after taxes increased by 50%. The...

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Improving customer experience success through Agile

Agile has been a hot topic over the last years. Let’s see how it affects the shift from the traditional way of being customer-focused to creating a...

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Agile – a way of thinking

What is Agile?

Agile is a philosophy put together in 2001 by 17 authors, the Scrum Alliance, and it is based on twelve principles and 4 core values,...

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Wirtek appoints Lago Kapital as liquidity provider

Wirtek A/S has entered into a Liquidity providing (LP) agreement with Lago Kapital Ltd.

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Hej hej 2019 – about team, empathy and growth opportunities

Outlook on 2019

It is a Danish tradition for everyone celebrating indoors to “jump” into the New Year, symbolizing the overcoming of potential...

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Giving opportunities to students through Wirtek internships

We are a people-oriented company and we do our best to communicate this yearly, through our internship programs.

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How to become better at practicing Knowledge Sharing

What is knowledge sharing?

The concept of knowledge sharing means passing information or skills among colleagues, and it is crucial to the...

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