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Hej hej 2019 – about team, empathy and growth opportunities

Outlook on 2019

It is a Danish tradition for everyone celebrating indoors to “jump” into the New Year, symbolizing the overcoming of potential...

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Giving opportunities to students through Wirtek internships

We are a people-oriented company and we do our best to communicate this yearly, through our internship programs.

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How to become better at practicing Knowledge Sharing

What is knowledge sharing?

The concept of knowledge sharing means passing information or skills among colleagues, and it is crucial to the...

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Wirtek lands large frame agreement with Danish Energinet

We are proud to announce that, by joining forces with Systemate Aarhus A/S, Wirtek has landed a frame agreement with the Danish national transmission...

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Thoughts from the DSTB conference in Copenhagen

Together with our subsidiary, Software-Pro, Wirtek participated at the DSTB conference this year to get new inspirations on how to improve software...

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Wirtek welcomes a new colleague in the sales team

We are excited to welcome our new Danish sales colleague to the team, Stig Birch, who will be focusing on the Copenhagen market.

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Nearshoring vs Offshoring – choosing the right fit for your business

Over the last few years, Nordic companies have become the EU’s tech and innovation powerhouses. The recent dynamics makes it increasingly difficult...

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Annual report 2018: 40% revenue growth and 65% profit growth

Wirtek has just published the annual report for 2018. Revenue shows a growth of 40% compared to 2017 and profit before taxes (EBT) increased by 65%....

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Boost your company’s efficiency by outsourcing

Why outsource your software development?

According to the European Commission’s annual Digital Society and Economy Index (DESI 2018), Denmark has the...

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How social responsibility builds a common purpose and shared values

At Wirtek, we take pride in caring about the community and we made it our mission to offer unwavering, long-term commitment to all our corporate...

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The beginning of a beautiful outsourcing partnership

What makes for a great partnership?

Trust, honesty, and transparency are some of the essential building blocks of a successful outsourcing...

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Denmark – or how to be(come) a successful technological nation

Denmark - an advanced digital economy

Denmark – considered to be one of the world’s top locations for tech activities, features an amazing testing...

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