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Wirtek Acquires Pragmasoft Accelerating Growth in Clean Energy

We are excited to announce that Wirtek has signed a binding contract regarding the acquisition of Pragmasoft, a software solutions company located in...

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Acquisition of Seluxit: A Major Leap in Clean Energy and IoT Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that Wirtek has acquired the assets of Seluxit A/S, a Danish IoT company. This acquisition is a significant milestone in...

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Revolutionizing Energy Trading with SCADA International

In 2023, the energy sector experienced significant growth, with renewable electricity capacity additions of almost 50% higher than in 2022. Energy...
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Wirtek Strengthens Leadership Team with New Chief Revenue Officer to Drive International Sales Expansion

We are happy to announce the appointment of Niels Erik Wøhlk as our new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective May 1, 2024. This strategic hire is a...

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Annual Report 2023: Long-term growth potential intact

Wirtek published the annual report for 2023.
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Unveiling Opportunities: The Future of Energy Trading

In the quest for a sustainable energy future, the energy trading sector is not just a player; it's a game-changer. Beyond the challenges lie many...

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Navigating Legacy Systems with DevOps Principles

Organizations are often under pressure to migrate to online platforms or to modernize their technologies to offer better services. Against the...

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Software Development Nearshore to Romania: 4 Strategic Advantages

You know time is money if you are in the software development business. The sooner you can get a product to market, the better. But what if your...

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Navigating the Matter Revolution in Home Automation

Wirtek is deeply invested in the smart home sector. We’re ready to embrace the Matter revolution. And help Home Automation experts navigate this new...

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High demand of Smart Lighting among domotics clients. Why?

The smart lighting demand is growing. 13% of US internet households now illuminate their homes with smart light bulbs. And 6% have taken command with...

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Wirtek's Milestone in the Electric Vehicle Sector

At Wirtek, we believe in sustainable growth and the continuous evolution of our clients’ products.

Our company has successfully signed a new contract...

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Wirtek Leadership: Spotlight on New Business Unit Directors

At Wirtek, we value growth and dedication. Today, we're thrilled to introduce the newest leaders joining our ranks.

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