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Challenges Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers face today

Professional manufacturers of telecommunications equipment are facing a number of pressing challenges.

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Wirtek Welcomes Janie C. Nielsen to its Board of Directors 

- Janie C. Nielsen joins Wirtek's board as an experienced independent member, reinforcing the company's commitment to solid corporate governance.

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Wirtek's Energy Business Unit: Leveraging Experience for 60% Growth in Renewable Energy Solutions

The renewable energy landscape is witnessing substantial transformation, with a global shift towards sustainable practices.

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How to keep ahead of the game in Equipment Testing and improve your Product's Time to Market

Why is time to market so important, and how does it impact profitability?

Electronic products need to be on the market at the right time to...

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Taking the First Step with Wirtek: A Guide to Testing Our Collaboration

At Wirtek, we believe in cultivating strong, productive collaborations, a journey that begins with trust. We understand that selecting a new team...

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Navigating Challenges in Energy Innovation & Process Automation

The energy sector is always in motion, looking for ways to operate more effectively and stay ahead of the game. With the rise of technology, smart...

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Wirtek forms client partnership with energy company ENEVO Group

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity is a growing concern, especially for industries handling sensitive information. Recognizing this need,...

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A Fresh Perspective on IT Consultancy. The 7 things we do differently when Starting a Collaboration

Every IT consultancy company out there is talking about putting clients first, and in that aspect, we’re not that different. The thing is, we really...

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How to select a reliable software outsourcing company

As the global landscape of technology continues to evolve at a lightning-fast pace, it's crucial to align your business with partners who not only...

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Unlock Growth Opportunities with Wirtek's Domain-Driven Expertise

At Wirtek, we're a team of forward thinkers committed to providing transformative tech solutions for our clients. We're all about bringing added...

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Wirtek Unveils New Bucharest Office to Support Growth and Collaboration

We are excited to announce the official relocation of our Bucharest office, a move that reinforces our commitment to supporting long-term growth and...

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Driving Innovation Forward: Wirtek Expands Partnership in the Electric Vehicles Industry

We are happy to announce the expansion of our partnership with a major US client in the electric vehicles industry. This is a significant milestone...

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