5 ways to stop hurting your time to market in the home automation industry

There are at least 3 risks you’re “happily” inviting into your domotics business if your product doesn’t hit the market in time.

Is this you when you realize your product won’t be released in time? 

There are at least 3 risks you’re “happily” inviting into your domotics business if your product doesn’t hit the market in time: 

  1. More unwanted costs – less time, less resources and higher production costs lead to lower profitability. 
  2. Revenue drops – the later your product hits the market, the later it can start generating revenue and paying for itself
  3. Competition beats you to it – delays in your release give your competitors the right window of opportunity to steal your market share.
 We put together 5 ways for you to prevent these risks before they start damaging your business: 

1. Automate the Development Process 

Automation streamlines your workflows. 
Reduces the risk of human error. 
And accelerates product development. 


By automating specific procedures, such as software testing and integration of your home automation solutions, you’ll ensure higher efficiency and consistency. The automation solutions our teams develop accelerate your time-to-market and reduce overheads. 


2. aPaaS Solutions 

Your apps play a critical role in user experience. 

aPaaS solutions offer a cloud-based platform that accelerates the development and deployment of applications. 

This way you minimize the number of repetitive tasks, have more creative freedom and your products get to your clients just in time. 


3. Develop products with dedicated cross-functional teams 

Cross-functional teams bring together experts from various domains to work collaboratively on a product, ensuring all aspects of the product are addressed efficiently. From software developers to hardware engineers and UX/UI experts. 
Our dedicated cross-functional teams provide you with comprehensive solutions quicker and more efficiently. 

4. Establish real-time communication with your supply chain partners 

This is crucial when you need your hardware and software components to be integrated seamlessly. 

Wirtek offers you solutions and platforms that ensure uninterrupted communication and visibility into every process, from design to production. 

We’re connected with you throughout the entire development process. 
And you have full access to everything we do for you.


5. Put Outsourcing to Your Advantage 

Make use of the specialized expertise and capabilities of external partners. A reliable outsourcing partner provides you with resources, tools, and expertise that are harder and more expensive to develop internally. 

They’ll take the pain of hiring, training and nurturing professionals away from you. 

And you’ll see visible improvements in software development, cloud integrations, and advanced analytics. 

Want to significantly reduce your time to market? 
Use these 5 solutions to your advantage.  


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