The 5 Unexpected DevOps Practices that can scale your business

What does it take to implement a really effective DevOps environment? Especially when businesses nowadays are trying to implement optimization strategies more frequently.

In this context, how can a company get a competitive edge and also cut down its costs? The answer? DevOps can be a handy initiative that can be implemented. DevOps is all about teamwork and automation. It cuts down on the manual grind and eliminates problematic downtimes while maximizing resource usage in a sustainable way.  


Here’s how DevOps can benefit you 


1. Implementing an effective CI/CD strategy 

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery is one of the founding stones of DevOps. Through automated testing and streamlined deployments, CI/CD turns large, week-long processes into efficient, hour-long tasks. This acceleration enables you to not only meet market demands swiftly but also frees up your team to focus on innovation rather than troubleshooting. However, it is important to avoid overcomplicating the setup and ensure it is tailored to your project's specific needs. 


2. Standardization and Scalability with IaC 

Growth is the goal of any IT company, but it's also a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to infrastructure maintenance. Infrastructure as Code (IaCresolves this bottleneck by offering the possibility to standardize your configurations and automate your deployments. Using IaC, scaling your business operations becomes a streamlined process that can be replicated across different areas. As a modernized process, IaC, can become a blueprint for a business growth phase without sacrificing quality and consistency. 


3. Focusing on Cloud-Based infrastructure  

The new technologies launched each year can affect an organization’s scaling goals. But by shifting your focus to cloud-based infrastructure, you gain access to unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. These alone can skyrocket your growth. The real magic happens when you combine Cloud-Based solutions with DevOps. With this dynamic duo, you can automate tedious tasks, freeing up your team for more creative work and reducing costs associated with hardware storage.  

Our dedicated teams can help you make that transition easy and effortless. 


4. Apply DevSecOps practices

When it comes to taking advantage of the full DevOps approach, organizations must consider how security plays a key role in their product’s lifecycle. First, rethinking the planning phase to include a more focused approach to security. This can help prevent your company from suffering a significant time delay when addressing security issues during the development process, encouraging at the same time standardization 


5. Use the right metrics and gather continuous feedback

As the industry shifted from monolithic systems and applications to cloud-native, microservice-based applications, monitoring and feedback became even more critical to implement. The core pillars to use are metrics, which can be seen as an overall picture of the system and which can monitor baseline performance; logs, which are records of events deemed necessary by the business; and traces, which track the end-to-end behavior of a request. Using these three sources, detection and predictions can be done much faster using fewer resources.   

When it comes to feedback, keeping the development team updated in a timely manner is critical. This comes in handy when the development team is alerted about a system failure, and they can act accordingly.  



Implementing DevOps effectively can give companies a competitive edge by focusing on CI/CD for speed, IaC for standardization, cloud-based solutions for flexibility, DevSecOps for integrated security, and continuous metrics and feedback for real-time adjustments. Each element has its unique benefits and considerations, and they all contribute to optimizing business operations. 

These practices can be implemented using a trusting partner. Wirtek can offer you support in applying these practices while leveraging our knowledge and technical skills in order to keep up with the industry’s growing demand.  


Let us help you scale your business in a sustainable manner.  


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