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As a Danish IT outsourcing company with over 20 years of experience, we've worked with companies across different sectors. Our accumulated expertise empowers us to focus our services on five market verticals: digitalization, energy, workforce & facility management, wireless communication & automation, and trade & e-commerce. We are constantly working on expanding our skillset to approach new and emerging fields. 

Our know-how and understanding of the challenges faced by these sectors allow us to build products and solutions that help clients streamline operations, comply with regulations, improve efficiency, increase productivity, ensure quality control and device security, reduce time to market, and stay competitive.



Workforce & facility management

Wireless communication & automation

Trade &


The world is increasing the pace of digitalization. Every industry is looking for ways to bring it into their sector in order to digitalize processes and procedures.

We help clients streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance their overall customer experience. We focus on creating products and solutions that help businesses transform their traditional processes into highly performant digital workflows.

The projects we work on can range from custom software applications to integrated digital platforms. As an integral part of business process optimization, these applications create the necessary environment for secure storage and document management, complex data migration, legal compliance and brand consistency.

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We understand the challenges faced by the energy sector, from the need to meet the increasing market demand to the pressure of automating processes while following industry standards. 

Our team of software engineers has worked on a variety of projects aimed at addressing different aspects of the energy industry, from automating daily processes for energy producers and traders to testing on the client’s interface for electrical components. We help TSOs and BRPs develop applications that include market and resource planning, alignment with European legislation, collection of information, production planning, and more.  

The experience we’ve accumulated in developing solutions for the energy sector enables us to meet the needs of our clients and help them stay competitive while ensuring climate-friendly energy solutions.

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Workforce & facility management

Managing employees’ time and facility resources is an important aspect for all companies. And the methods for performing these tasks continue to change dramatically through the use of technology. 

The applications we build help companies increase productivity by keeping track of time and attendance, managing production, improving HR processes, managing building inspections, and getting valuable business intelligence.

We provide end-to-end services, including Development, QA, and Process definition, and we work closely with our clients to develop customized software solutions that address their specific needs.

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Wireless communication & automation

Wireless communication is changing the way companies in various industries communicate with their colleagues, clients, and machines. At the same time, automation can range from simple on-off control to multi-variable high-level algorithms.

For our clients who design and build communication networks, we develop and test solutions that increase end-user productivity or handle voice and data communication. We have worked with Audio HiFi products, Sensors, Healthcare products, WiFi products, DECT, and VoIP. We also develop mobile applications and cloud applications that focus on smart home management and residential automation devices.

We help our clients by reducing the time to market of their products, ensuring quality control and device security.

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Trade &

Trade is the backbone of any economy, and e-commerce has brought this ancient form of doing business into the online world. Goods and services are now only a click away.

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient platform to facilitate trade. Our team has developed a wide range of solutions, including web platforms for international trade, retail management platforms containing various modules, and mobile applications for digital publishing and distribution. 

The products we work on focus on minimizing the time and resources required for booking transportation or completing documents, streamlining tasks and stock management, product labeling optimization, and more.  

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What we can do for you

We team up with companies like yours and help them create great software solutions and electronic equipment products.

Software engineering services

  • Product engineering
  • System architecture & design
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product re-engineering
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Electronic equipment services

  • Embedded software development
  • Electronic equipment QA and conformance testing
  • Technical writing for complex systems
  • Testing prototypes
  • Test automation for software/system tests
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Benefits of working with us

You get to work with people who truly care about your business and making your software product a success. Not only do you get top-notch technical solutions, but also a team that is committed, involved and proficient.

Committed team

Our team will literally plug into your business so they can grasp your goals and your needs. We deliver solutions specially designed for you and go the extra mile whenever needed. You get more than just great minds, you get people with their hearts in the right place.

Real solutions

We act as a partner, not just a vendor: we ask lots of questions and challenge ideas to find the best way forward. The knowledge, work ethic, and realistic approach of our team mean you'll receive genuine advice to help accelerate your success and fulfill your vision.

Familiarity & reliability

Developing great relationships and culture fit is just as important as tech competences. When you're a client, you get good communication, transparency, and a loyal, long-term team that you can trust to always deliver. We are your colleagues from Cluj and Bucharest.

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Collaboration models

When you decide to work with us, you can choose the engagement model that makes the most sense for you.


Dedicated teams

For complex software solutions, we build teams to help you extend or create your software development capabilities.

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Project services

Best suited for small scale applications with limited scope, or when you need to build a prototype quickly.

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