Wirtek forms client partnership with energy company ENEVO Group


In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity is a growing concern, especially for industries handling sensitive information. Recognizing this need, Wirtek has partnered with ENEVO Group, a player in the energy sector, to develop a tailored solution.

Wirtek is set to design a web-based interface for a cybersecurity application specific to ENEVO Group's needs. The main goal is to provide a straightforward overview of a substation's digital infrastructure, with an emphasis on security-related details.


This platform is designed to be accessible for both process operators and incident response teams. While its user-friendly features ensure that non-technical personnel can navigate with ease, it also provides real-time data for teams requiring detailed technical insights.

Michael Aaen, Wirtek's CEO, expressed confidence in the project, stating, "This aligns perfectly with our mission to create innovative, effective software solutions that address our clients' most pressing challenges. We are committed to leveraging our expertise both in cypersecurity and from the fast-growing energy sector to meet and surpass ENEVO Groups's expectations."


Alexandru Suditu, Enevo’s Cybersecurity Director, strongly believes that this collaboration will prove fruitful, stating, “Their professionalism and technical capabilities, convinced us that they are the perfect partner to endevor with on our journey to developing an innovative substation cyber resilience platform.


Wirtek’s background in the energy industry will be beneficial for ENEVO Group, ensuring the application is up to industry standards and addresses security concerns adequately.


This collaboration is a step forward in ENEVO Group's objective to enhance its digital infrastructure and operational efficiency. As industries grow and change, partnerships like these will be crucial in ensuring both security and progress.


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