Wirtek's Energy Business Unit: Leveraging Experience for 60% Growth in Renewable Energy Solutions

The renewable energy landscape is witnessing substantial transformation, with a global shift towards sustainable practices. The growth of Wirtek's Energy Business Unit in 2023 offers insight into the company's strategic alignment with global sustainability trends.


Adapting to the Renewable Energy Surge

With the worldwide focus on renewable energy, Wirtek's Energy Business Unit has recognized the opportunity within this sector. Utilizing its software development expertise, the unit has crafted tailored solutions ranging from real-time grid management systems to advanced cybersecurity protocols.

In H2 2023, Wirtek's Energy Business Unit expects to grow by more than 60% compared to H1 2023. From being the smallest division, it is projected to rank as the second-largest business unit within the organization by the year-end.


Collaborative Efforts and Steady Financial Growth

Wirtek's collaborations, notably with Energinet and SCADA International, reflect the company's ability to align with key players in the energy sector. These partnerships contribute to Wirtek's targeted growth and innovation in energy solutions.

Financially, the unit's projected increase from DKK 4.8m in H1 2023 to more than DKK 8m in H2 2023, coupled with a team expansion from 20 to 35 members, underscores a measured growth strategy.


Contributing to Sustainable Energy Initiatives

Wirtek's contribution to the Energinet project highlights its engagement with Denmark's transition to renewable energy. The company has provided services to help develop and test software solutions within the Energinet ecosystem, contributing to the nation's sustainable energy landscape.


Positioned for a Sustainable Future

With the global digital power utility market projected to grow significantly, Wirtek's alignment with the energy sector's needs places it in a strategic position. Its efforts in the renewable energy domain indicate an intention to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy future.



Wirtek's Energy Business Unit's growth in 2023 represents a calculated response to the worldwide transition towards renewable energy. The unit's expansion, financial performance, and contributions to projects like ENERGINET show a focus on strategic growth and alignment with broader energy trends.

CEO Michael Aaen's statement summarizes the situation: "The Energy sector presents a substantial growth opportunity for Wirtek. We are experiencing a surge in demand within this sector, driven by the worldwide focus on renewable energy." This growth is not only a reflection of market trends but a part of Wirtek's continued adaptation to the evolving energy landscape.

The development of Wirtek's Energy Business Unit in 2023 offers a snapshot of a company navigating the complex dynamics of the renewable energy market. With careful planning and targeted strategy, Wirtek is positioning itself to respond to the opportunities and challenges that the future may hold.


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