Taking the First Step with Wirtek: A Guide to Testing Our Collaboration

At Wirtek, we believe in cultivating strong, productive collaborations, a journey that begins with trust. We understand that selecting a new team requires significant investment - not only financial but also of time and people. To address this, we've designed our collaboration process to be as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to thoroughly test the waters before making a full commitment.


Testing the Collaboration
We believe that the best way to kickstart a partnership is through creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or working on a proof of concept. This approach allows you to assess our capabilities, understand our working style, and measure the potential synergy with your own team. We offer the option to start with a project-based collaboration that can be scaled up to a dedicated team when you're comfortable and satisfied with our work. This way of doing things helps us understand your business needs better and provides you with the reassurance that you're making the right decision.


Understanding Your Needs
Before we embark on the project, we invest our time and resources to ensure we understand your company thoroughly. Our architects delve into your tech stack and the social feel of your company. We ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of what you're looking for so that we can provide the best-fit solution.

Our recruitment process is tailored to your needs. We employ our industry knowledge and expertise to recruit individuals who fit into your organization's culture and technical requirements. This approach ensures that our collaboration starts on a solid foundation and can progress efficiently.


A Tailored Team
Typically, we suggest starting with a compact team of 2-3 individuals, as we believe a smaller group enables a more agile and efficient workflow. That said, the composition of the starting team is flexible and can be adjusted to align with your specific needs and comfort level.


Pricing and Timeframe
Our pricing is transparent and comprehensive, giving you an overview of the engineers' salaries, benefits, and the company's overhead costs. 

In terms of timeframe, the journey from the initial discussion to a fully operational team typically takes around three months. This timeline includes understanding your needs, job advertising, recruitment, and onboarding. However, if we have readily available talent on the bench, we can expedite this process.



At Wirtek, we value the importance of a positive beginning. That's why we encourage potential clients to test our collaboration through project-based work, ensuring you experience first-hand our commitment, domain knowledge, and efficient processes.

Let us show you how we can seamlessly integrate into your workflow and accelerate your project timeline. Experience the Wirtek difference today and take the first step towards a rewarding, long-term collaboration.


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