Wirtek Unveils New Bucharest Office to Support Growth and Collaboration

We are excited to announce the official relocation of our Bucharest office, a move that reinforces our commitment to supporting long-term growth and enhancing collaboration with our strategic partner, ProMark. Our primary focus during the design process was to create a workplace that prioritizes employee well-being and fosters productivity.

With careful planning and attention to detail, the new Bucharest office has been transformed into an inspiring work environment. We have incorporated contemporary features and dedicated socializing spaces, ensuring that our employees have a bright, comfortable, and modern space where they can thrive. We aim to not only promote employee satisfaction but also boost productivity and overall well-being.


The relocation of our Bucharest office also takes into consideration the importance of location. The new office is strategically situated, offering easy access for all our employees.  By reducing commuting time and providing a convenient workplace, we are empowering our employees to focus on their work and contribute to their overall work-life balance.


Strengthening Collaborative Partnerships

Investing in our new office setup marks a crucial milestone in our journey toward achieving our Accelerate25 XL goals. We believe that by providing an exceptional work environment, we can attract and retain top talent, fostering a motivated and productive workforce. Our commitment to employee well-being and growth plans aligns with our long-term strategy to drive steady and sustainable growth.

Furthermore, the revamped office strengthens our collaborative ties with ProMark, our valued strategic partner. The redesigned workspace promotes synergy and efficiency between our teams, enabling seamless cooperation and mutual success. By working closely together in an improved environment, we can enhance our collaboration and achieve even greater outcomes.

Michael Aaen, CEO of Wirtek, said, "We are excited to move into our new Bucharest office providing us with an inspiring and modern work environment. The move is part of our commitment to our employees' well-being and our long-term business growth plans. We are confident that our new office will help us attract and retain the best talent and further strengthen our partnership with ProMark."



The relocation of our Bucharest office emphasizes our dedication to sustainable growth and collaborative partnerships. By creating an inspiring work environment that prioritizes well-being and productivity, we aim to empower our employees to achieve their full potential.

Wirtek remains committed to providing exceptional services to our clients worldwide. With expertise in various industries, including Digitalization, Energy, Workforce & Facility Management, Wireless Communication & Automation, and Trade & E-commerce, we continue to foster long-term client relationships and pursue excellence in software development, testing, and consultancy services.


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