Driving Innovation Forward: Wirtek Expands Partnership in the Electric Vehicles Industry

We are happy to announce the expansion of our partnership with a major US client in the electric vehicles industry. This is a significant milestone for us as it involves establishing a dedicated development team focused on creating software for test equipment targeting electric vehicles in the automotive sector. The expansion signifies our growing collaboration and reinforces our expertise in developing software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the energy sector.


Pioneering Sustainable Solutions
With the world's increasing focus on sustainability and green transportation solutions, the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar. At Wirtek, we take great pride in being at the forefront of innovation in this space. Our expanded partnership allows us to drive the development of cutting-edge software solutions that cater specifically to the unique requirements of the electric vehicle market. By collaborating closely with our client, we aim to contribute to the advancement of sustainable transportation solutions and positively impact the future of the automotive industry.


Driving Growth and Collaboration
In a rapidly evolving market, staying competitive is paramount. Our expertise in the energy industry equips us with the insights needed to develop software solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. We can deliver software solutions that not only meet our client's unique requirements but also save them valuable time and resources. Our pre-existing understanding of the industry's intricacies allows us to navigate complex challenges efficiently, reducing development cycles and accelerating time to market.

We are pleased to share that this expanded partnership is expected to generate more than DKK 2 million in annual revenue. The expanded partnership is expected to generate additional annual revenue of more than DKK 2 million from the client, further strengthening Wirtek's preferred partner status with the client and contributing to Wirtek’s continued growth.



We remain focused on achieving sustainable growth and maintaining our commitment to financial stability, ensuring the long-term success of our company and the satisfaction of our clients.


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