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Wirtek acquires Romanian software development house

The acquisition of the Romanian software development house, CodeWizards, is the first step on the road to international growth and development....

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Global NewTech and Wirtek join forces

Now that Global NewTech and WirTek have joined forces to develop a solution that makes it even easier for users, companies with many international...

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Wirtek focuses on world-class project management

An internationally approved project management certification from the Project Management Institute will contribute to ensuring professional...

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End2End: an agreement based on trust

End2End has literally placed the management of its development department in the hands of WirTek. Together, the two companies will develop software...

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Texas Instruments values mobile know-how

WirTek is quick and flexible in an extremely specialized area where you can’t just look people up in the Yellow Pages, explains Texas Instruments...

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Competence campaign succeeds

During autumn 2002 WirTek launched a campaign to document the high competence level that is available amongst the software developers in the company.

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EasyCare Direct product launched

WirTek has launched its EasyCare Direct product at the 3GSM World Congress 2003 in Cannes, France.

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Patent applications on EasyCare submitted

A patent application containing several patent claims relating to the core technology areas of EasyCare has been submitted by WirTek.

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EasyCare launched at TMA 2002 in Brighton

WirTek, the Danish specialists in next generation wireless services for mobile operators, will be launching EasyCare to provide improved customer...

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Wirtek presents its EasyCare system at CEBIT 2002

WirTek will present and demonstrate its innovative new EasyCare system for the public at CeBIT 2002 in Hannover during March 13 – 20, 2002.

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Wirtek wins subcontract with market leader Nokia

Newcomer WirTek has entered into a subcontractor agreement with Nokia to deliver projects and services in the area of Mobile Browser development for...

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Nokia employees go solo

When Nokia Mobile Phones decided to move the Aalborg research and development department to Copenhagen, the outcome could have been a transfer for 20...

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