Wirtek renews long-term contract for product testing with RTX Telecom

Wirtek and RTX Telecom have renewed a contract that for the present will be in force until December 2010. A test team at Wirtek’s outsourcing center in Cluj, Romania, is made available to RTX Telecom for testing of products and software.

Wirtek continues its successful concept of Customer Teams in Romania, where the customer gets his “own department” at Wirtek’s facilities, including dedicated employees, own computers, own network – provided by Wirtek, who also takes care of all administrative and HR obligations.

“The test team provided by Wirtek in Cluj has been well integrated as a cross-functional resource pool within RTX Telecom. Now any project manager in RTX Telecom can allocate a tester in Cluj to his project, whenever he needs to perform product or software testing either at prototype level or as part of a product release. The test team provides us with a high degree of flexibility and we can now do unit test in parallel with development to optimize our project staffing and keep our developers focused on development, while ensuring that bugs or defects are found early in the development process and thereby increase quality and productivity. Most importantly, we can tie the cost of testing directly to each project and compare test efforts with project output,” says COO Niels Henrik Olesen.

Secure Facilities

Wirtek offers secure test facilities having access restricted to the test team only, electronic key cards, separate camera surveillance, and secure IT infrastructure. The facilities in Cluj have recently been successfully assessed during a security audit by one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. As part of the renewed contract RTX Telecom’s test team is moving to a larger secure project room in the Wirtek facility allowing expansion of the team as well as accommodating larger hardware test environments.

“For RTX Telecom, security at the outsourcing facility is very important, as several tests are made on products at prototype level. We are satisfied that only RTX Telecom team members can access the secure room and that no information is shared with others outside the team,” says COO Niels Henrik Olesen.

Romania in the European Union

While some test centers in Eastern Europe have had problems getting goods through customs etc., the fact that Romania is part of the European Union means that all such problems are avoided. It also means that it is very easy for test team members to visit the customer premises for project introduction and training.

About Wirtek A/S

Wirtek A/S is a Danish consultancy services company with core competences in software development and product testing within three specialized fields – Embedded products, wireless products and healthcare. We can provide our customers with low-risk, cost effective outsourcing services from our Development and Test Center in Romania. The Center is ISO 9001:2001 certified and supports strict international security requirements for software development and product testing environments. Our customer references include global technology leaders such as Nokia, Texas Instruments and Microsoft.

About RTX Telecom A/S

RTX Telecom A/S is an internationally oriented company with the objective of being the preferred partner within development and production of advanced wireless communication solutions. RTX Telecom consists of three business units each with wireless expertise. The business units are RTX Technology; RTX Products and RTX Network Systems. The company’s headquarters are located in Denmark with offices in USA, Hong Kong and Brazil. RTX Telecom A/S is listed on the Nordic Exchange, OMX.

Further information:

Michael Aaen, Managing Director, WirTek a/s, Tel.: +45 2529 7575

Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 Aalborg, Denmark, www.wirtek.com

Niels Henrik Olesen, Chief Operating Officer, RTX Telecom A/S, Tel.: +45 9632 2300,
Strømmen 6, DK-9400 Nørresundby, Denmark, www.rtx.dk


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