Viralink, a new collaboration in Norway


We’re happy to announce that Wirtek has recently signed a new client in Norway. Viralink is a startup created to address the necessity in the advertising market to move the control into the advertisers’ hands themselves when running marketing campaigns.

The collaboration with Wirtek started in December of 2020. “We were looking for an outsourcing partner with experience, someone who had the people with the high-level technical skills that were needed for our project,” says Raluca Meyer, CEO of Viralink.

The teams at Wirtek and Viralink are building a humanized, transparent, digital marketing platform for placing, creating & distributing marketing campaigns. The platform combines and integrates new trends and technologies, such as micropayment and Blockchain. It will need to support a significant number of users and transactions happening simultaneously worldwide.

The two teams work together as one, meeting daily and using Agile methodologies to make the communication and progress as transparent as possible for both sides. “While we are in different locations, the team at Wirtek quickly integrated into our setup. We are working with an outsourcing partner, but the team feels like our own” adds Raluca.

Now, the development team is working on an MVP, set to be finalized this spring. In the meantime, Viralink is signing pilot customers and the project will continue with the further stages of the development milestones that are laid out.


About Viralink

Viralink is a humanized, transparent, digital marketing platform that combines new trends: personalized links and engagement creators, with new technologies: micropayment and Blockchain in order to:

  • Enable companies to transform their own customers into paid, motivated advertisers
  • Give the advertisers full control over the campaign(s) elements: budget(s), price/per click & reward type(s): cash, products, services, reports
  • Create a way to earn money from home, for people that want to share campaigns' links & create engagement around them on social media, based on their own passions & interests.

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