Wireless Communication & Automation

We trust them fully, they are very self-driven requiring little management and the processes are transparent. 

Christopher Meisner

Software Manager, RTX A/S

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Are you looking to reduce the time to market of your products, ensure quality control and device security?

We optimize your equipment, from embedded software development and system integration to ensuring your product's quality and conformity. We develop mobile and cloud applications tailored for smart home management and residential automation.


Telecommunications and communications equipment

Sensor technology

Audio technology



IoT (Internet of Things)


Home & Office Automation


Azure Cloud









How can we help you

  • Electronic Equipment QA & Conformance Testing
  • Functional Testing & Test Automation
  • Technical Writing & Test Case Generation

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Remote Device Management and Firmware Updates
  • Mobile Application Development for Hybrid Space Control

Our Experience

Quality Assurance for for DECT and Wi-Fi products

Since 2009, Wirtek has provided Spectralink with specialized quality assurance services, including equipment testing for DECT and Wi-Fi products and embedded software development. Our telecommunications expertise ensures Spectralink's products meet the highest standards, paving the way for successful launches.

Tech Stack

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Mobile App Development and Networking for Home Automation

For Crestron, our team developed a remote update system for smart devices using Azure Cloud and .Net6, revolutionizing previous manual processes. Additionally, our mobile team enhanced Crestron's app, developing functionalities like advanced lighting controls, utilizing Kotlin and Swift for Android and iOS, respectively.

Tech Stack

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Manual and Automated testing for VoIP and PRO Audio Systems

For RTX, a leader in wireless communication solutions, our team conducted comprehensive manual and automated testing for VoIP and PRO Audio systems, leveraging expertise in Audio HiFi, sensors, and healthcare. Simultaneously, our development team worked on VoIP systems, cutting-edge audio devices, and healthcare projects in a Linux environment, using skills in C, C++, and Python.

Tech Stack

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Why work with us

Expertise Spanning 22+ Years

With over 22 years in equipment testing and development, our long-standing collaborations speak about consistency and commitment

Knowledge Powerhouse

We scout the brightest talents and invest in enhancing their skills, making us stand out in development, networking, and telecommunications

Reliable Technical Partner

With a strong commitment to quality, we consistently deliver, ensuring our clients release top-tier products on time

Autonomous yet Aligned Teams

Clients value our ability to work autonomously, reducing the need for external guidance and ensuring smooth project execution

Wirtek has been our partner in product conformance testing for the past 13 years and the lenght of the collaboration says a lot about our relationship. The core team has been stable throughout the years and is very competent. We trust them fully, they are very self-driven requiring little management and the processes are transparent. In daily work, the team is embraced as part of the RTX family and collaboration is just as natural as with any other RTX site around the world.
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Christopher Meisner

Software Manager, RTX A/S

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