Boost your company’s efficiency by outsourcing

Why outsource your software development?

According to the European Commission’s annual Digital Society and Economy Index (DESI 2018), Denmark has the widest 4G connectivity network in Europe.

Last year, the Danes entered Nordic cooperation along with Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway to become the first and most integrated 5G region in the world.

To further support Denmark’s growth as the most digital country in the EU and as one of the world’s most innovative countries, outsourcing offers an attractive setting for companies looking to supplement their in-house teams by accessing a larger talent pool.

Having access to the right competencies mitigates the risk of limiting a company’s business opportunities. Outsourcing also implies flexibility, an effective way to scale up or down when needed. This maximizes productivity without increasing your fixed costs and long-term financial commitment.

Boost-your-company’s-efficiency-by-outsourcing-1-300x150Nearshoring allows companies to maintain better control over a project and to have a fluid communication by working with developers in close geographical proximity. Sharing a similar culture and time zone are important factors in the success of any software development project.

A partnership with Wirtek means having a quality-focused team, located in one of the highest ranked EU countries in terms of IT nearshoring destinations: Romania.

With our 18 years of experience in the IT domain, Wirtek can help guide you through the software development process and make sure your product is a success.

Benefits of working with Wirtek

  • Talented and driven people that are easily integrated into your team
  • Flexible models of collaboration tailored to your needs
  • Balanced teams with a diverse skill range
  • Agile processes designed to increase your competitive advantage

We focus on building long-term customer partnerships and win-win relationships that create added value.

High staff retention makes sure we keep the right competencies in the company so that you can have access to them on the long-run.

Romanian developers are rapidly becoming the number one choice for many European technology investors due to their technical and software development capabilities.

Also, as a member of the EU, nearshoring to Romania is easier for other EU countries to access.

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