Wirtek signs acquisition agreement within the Accelerate25 strategy

Wirtek has signed the acquisition of CoreBuild, a profitable and growth-oriented company, located very close to Wirtek's existing development and test centers in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

This acquisition is a major milestone in our Accelerate25 strategy and will help us fulfill the business goals we set out for the next 5 years.

By joining forces with CoreBuild, we will have a team of approximately 150 colleagues as well as several new clients.

We’ll start sharing services and knowledge organically and an integration plan will be developed for our companies to come together as one at the end of the following 2 years.

Cultural fit and growth

There is a strong cultural fit between our companies, and Wirtek will, as part of the acquisition, get access to new international sales channels and gain several new clients in the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Romania, and more than 40 new colleagues.

"Culture fit is a prerequisite for any acquisitions that we would pursue to achieve our Accelerate25 goals. This is just as important as business fit, to create the synergies that will accelerate our growth. So, we spent a considerable effort during the due diligence phase to confirm our understanding of their company culture and way of doing business, and to ensure that there is a very good cultural fit between our companies." says, Michael Aaen, Wirtek's CEO.

The acquisition is expected to further support the combined client base, giving the clients access to a larger and growing number of highly skilled IT professionals. At the same time existing and new colleagues will have more opportunities to continue to work with exciting clients and technologies.

Wirtek and the CoreBuild companies jointly see potential synergies, as both companies have strong relationships with their clients and both companies are experiencing a growing demand for their quality services.

"As the founders of CoreBuild, our goal was to always search for ways to expand our business and create opportunities for the people who have been working with us. Wirtek and CoreBuild have a great cultural fit, we are both companies that care very much about their people and their careers and strive to create a good working environment, while at the same time going the extra mile for our customers. We are excited to embark on this journey because we are stronger together and because this will take the joint companies to a new level." say Flaviu Zapca and Călin Marian, founders of CoreBuild.

This collaboration will further enhance our competencies in Cloud-based and Mobile technologies and expand towards new business areas, such as e-commerce, retail, and real estate.

The combined companies will have:

  • Clients in North-western Europe, USA, and Romania
  • More than 150 highly skilled IT professionals and growing
  • Four development and test centers in Romania

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