Fellowship, not just internship - 2022 edition


Is an internship worth my time? Why not just skip it and go for a full-time paying job? In our experience, it definitely is, and by the way, you also get paid as an intern. But let’s look at an internship from the perspective of a student or a person making a career shift.

An internship is, to most applicants, the first contact with the real world of the IT market. And even if universities are providing a solid foundation for a career, working in a company can be quite different from what you initially expected.

Besides hard skills, your soft skills like good communication, the ability to give/take feedback and work in a team are essential in a professional environment. You will also experience the pressure of deadlines in different ways than turning in a paper on time. An internship gives you exposure to the challenges of a work environment.


Marius Teodorescu (1)


“The internship experience was a great opportunity to learn about teamwork, different technologies, and different ways of working. In addition to learning, we also had fun and chill moments, thanks to the colleagues in the company and the team I was in. It was a very great experience with nice people.” - Marius Teodorescu, former intern @ Wirtek, now a mentor in our internship program.


Learning new technologies is, of course, part of the deal but interacting with experienced IT professionals that guide you and answer your questions is a great perk you get.


Adrian Sucala (1)


“I found support from both my colleagues and my superiors. I received answers to any question I had with patience and interest, and I was integrated into the team. I really appreciated this aspect. Being very stressed at first, I liked to see that I was surrounded by calm people, who assured me that everything had a solution. I would describe my experience as a very good one.” - Adrian Sucala, Equipment Tester @ Wirtek, former intern.


Your internship experience will take you through the entire recruitment process of an IT company: from the interview to the technical discussion to the final selection and work on the project with your new colleagues. And that is great! Because what better way to learn than experiencing a real-life job in a supportive environment where people are there for you during the whole time.

It is also an excellent opportunity to dive further into your field of interest, explore it and discover the pros and cons. Working in a real-world environment will help you determine whether it is a career you wish to pursue in the future or not.


Denisa Vamvu (1)


"Although I started the internship a little scared by the fact that everything was new to me, I ended up finishing the internship very confidently, building up my strength and knowledge. I participated in various training sessions and had the opportunity to work in a team. I learned to capitalize on the opinions of my colleagues and the reviews from mentors. I felt that in these 6 weeks I was working on a real project, and I managed to form a vision about how a software development team works.” - Denisa Vamvu, Junior Software Developer @ Wirtek, former intern


We decided to ask our former interns what was, in their perspective, one of the best things they learned with Wirtek during their internship experience. Here are their answers:

Tudor Crăciunaș
“I learned the agile work style and realized the importance of each person in a team.” - Tudor Crăciunaș, Junior Software Developer @ Wirtek, former intern


Mara-Ioana Chitimus “In addition to the experience in the field, a good thing that I’ve managed to learn at Wirtek is how you can ensure a balance between personal and professional life.” - Mara-Ioana Chitimus, Junior Software Developer @ Wirtek, former intern


Marius Teodorescu (1)


“The best thing I learned at Wirtek is that life at work becomes so much more enjoyable when you realize that we all work together and help each other and that work doesn’t seem like work when you do it with love together with people next to whom you feel good.” - Marius Teodorescu, Junior Software Developer @ Wirtek, former intern


Denisa Vamvu (1)


“One of the best things I’ve learned at Wirtek is that teamwork, collegiality, and feedback are very important to grow and develop great things together, such as a well-done project or a friendship.” - Denisa Vamvu, Junior Software Developer @Wirtek, former intern


So what can you expect from our 2022 Web Internship program?

  • A cool and up-to-date technology stack: .NET 6, Blazor.
  • 6 weeks of internship that include: training sessions and work on a project organized in 3 sprints.
  • Teamwork: you will be working closely with your colleagues and mentors every day
  • Work on an actual product: you and your teammates will design and implement a solution from scratch. Last year, the interns created a desk booking app that helps admin and colleagues manage office space.
  • The chance to stay with us long-term: at the end of every internship we hire at least 1 intern.

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