Teamwork makes the dream work: how important is it to build a team-centric culture?

"Teamwork makes the dream work", "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - there are many teamwork related quotes that we hear all the time. But do people still believe in building strong teams? Or is this just rhetoric derived from TED talks, HR objectives, and student organizations? 

For any company, its people are its foundation. And you need to strengthen and reinforce your foundation constantly, right? Teamwork is the glue that keeps people together, gives them support, and challenges them to improve. 

Building solid teams goes beyond devising strong company values and offering soft skills training sessions. It's more about how you act on these values and how you help people feel part of a team. In a company, building a team is about giving people the know-how, support system, and space to experiment and make those difficult decisions. People are more likely to take calculated risks that lead to innovation if they have the support of a team behind them.

Vasi Axinte “When working together, you can count on me to be committed. I like taking the initiative and always looking for a better way to do things. I appreciate open-minded people, and I find joy in sharing my knowledge and helping others grow.” - Vasi Axinte, Software Architect


Long-term commitment to a company is possible when people are given the flexibility, the room to grow, and challenging projects they can take on together with their team.


Andrei Giurgiu


“When you say you've been working for the same company for 13 years, everybody asks if you're not tired of doing the same thing…. It's pretty difficult to get bored when you work for a client that provides software (and hardware) solutions for giants in the audio and gaming industry. Almost every month, you start a project just "a bit" more challenging than the previous one or when travel plans pop up unexpectedly, and you get to either visit the client or attend training sessions in Denmark. The satisfaction you feel when a product that you tested for months on end, or even years, is finally available on the market or is awarded a prize at a technology fair, the great people you work with, my team and our client, these are all reasons for which I am still here.” - Andrei Giurgiu, Senior Equipment Tester


Allowing individuals to experience different roles inside an organization will help them develop their skills and feel empowered and appreciated. Exploration is a normal phase in any person's career path. In the end, teams benefit from their members' diverse experiences and skills.


Rares Cristureanu-1 "I've always considered that programming offers me many ways to discover and learn. During these 13 years with Wirtek, I had the opportunity to be involved in numerous collaborations that allowed me to "draw" optimal solutions, to understand and help people, to get to professional and personal maturity.” - Rares Cristureanu, Software Architect 


Teamwork does not just happen; sometimes, it's hard for new people to feel like they belong and are an essential part of the company. Culture is the common ground individuals with different backgrounds have in the organization. Sometimes it's the aspect that draws people to a specific company more than another. And having key people in the company that help reinforce the values and bring everyone together is a critical aspect of building a team-centric culture.


Razvan Coste

“Even though there is no official title for this, I see myself as someone who keeps the brand alive inside the team to make people feel proud for working here together. I get involved wherever I can to help or at least listen to people. (...) As my coordinated teams continue to grow, it's becoming more challenging to keep up this kind of relationship with everyone, but I consider it a must. I want to lead by example and see that people alike come together at Wirtek.” - Razvan Coste, Project Manager


In this time of digitalization and remote work, keeping relationships alive is essential, especially in the workplace. Team dynamics are a big part of our daily dose of human interaction. Building teams where members can use their unique skills in an environment based on mutual respect and cooperation should be the goal for any company in 2022. 



More insights from our colleagues:

Cora Sasaran-1

“In my short experience here, I quickly realized what a dedicated community Wirtek is. A great combination of outgoing and friendly people with vast knowledge, ready to help whenever I have questions.
As a part of the Energinet team, I have the amazing opportunity to travel and broaden both my cultural and professional experience. It keeps me motivated and curious, just as I like it.” - Cora Sasaran, Junior Software Developer

Iulia Botoman-2

“Even though I haven't been in this industry for a very long time and I'm still a newbie that tries to find her path, I felt super welcomed from the beginning. Working with such amazing people and having the chance to connect with them in non-office situations proved to me that the fellowship they've been "bragging" about during the internship was indeed very genuine. - Iulia Botoman, Junior Software Developer

Raluca Ursu “For me, Wirtek was my first job after college. Entering this new world with easy restraints, I quickly learned that Wirtek is a very welcoming environment that offers flexibility and a balance between personal life and work life. (...)
It is very important that my work is recognized and appreciated, which has been happening since day one. If the team is happy, the client will be happy, and the end user will get a top-tier product.” - Raluca Ursu, Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist

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