20 years of Wirtek: We asked our colleagues why did they stay with us?

2021 was a special year for Wirtek. We celebrated the 20 years since we’ve been on the market and 15 years since we opened our first office in Cluj-Napoca. But what do these 20 years really mean to us? The company has seen substantial financial growth, we are now listed at Nasdaq First North stock exchange, we have four offices in Romania, we’ve started with a handful of people and now we are 180+ colleagues. But in this article, we don’t want to put 20 years into numbers; we’d rather focus on what matters most in Wirtek, the team. 

Emmett King

“The company’s culture is built around people, the importance of interpersonal relationships, trust, and professional development. We know that we need dedicated professionals to move forward and to keep them with us, we are attentive to their needs. We put a lot of emphasis on the environment in which our colleagues work. And we are convinced that a friendly environment, based on mutual trust, encourages creativity and proactivity.” says Emmett King, COO @ Wirtek


What better way to put the spotlight on our colleagues than letting them talk about their experience in the company? One of the company’s main focus areas is supporting the development of the team, and our Director of Software Engineering Services, Adina Balea, speaks from her own experience: 

Adina Balea


“The 15 years in Wirtek have offered me many opportunities for professional development. In 2006 I had just finished my university studies, and the junior C ++ developer role that I had found here was a huge step. The IT market in Romania and Cluj looked completely different then, with few companies active in software development. Only the best or lucky graduates managed to find a job. Then I grew with the organization, going through several technical roles (as a web programmer, mobile) and management or operational roles. Every ~ three years, I tried to change something in my work, whether it means a new technology or a different role.” Adina Balea, Director of Software Engineering Services @ Wirtek


A long-term relationship with a company involves mutual respect, growth opportunities, and a culture that resonates with the people. In outsourcing, more than in any other field, relationships based on trust are essential. In contrast to the dynamic market we are part of, the Wirtek team has always shown stability. A considerable number of people have been working with us for more than seven years. The main reasons people choose to stay with us are that they feel appreciated, they are given growth opportunities, there is a balance between personal and professional needs, and they have flexibility. 

Dan Antal "First of all, I chose to stay in Wirtek because of the company’s culture. Here, I managed to form a friendship with most of my colleagues, both on the project and outside. Wirtek allows you to grow, to evolve, and as long as you want, it supports you in what you want to do. At the same time, I think flexibility is a bonus that allows you to solve problems that arise unexpectedly.” Dan Antal, Senior Software Developer, 6 years @ Wirtek


Cristian Olariu


“I chose to stay in Wirtek due to the company’s culture that allows a perfect combination between personal and professional life. I’ve tried many companies before and changed them relatively quickly if they didn’t suit me. We need a fair balance between work, family life, hobbies, and Wirtek represents this balance. I would highlight, family life. Not in all companies, family life is equally respected. Secondly, the colleagues from Wirtek make the difference; it’s a pleasant, family atmosphere. Thirdly, the management that supports and listens to you when you have ideas and when you come up with proposals.” Cristian Olariu, Senior Software Tester & Scrum Master, 9 years @ Wirtek


IT outsourcing is often seen as a field where people come and go, teams are reconstructed fast, and the emphasis is always on the final cost. We started with a different mentality and are very proud to keep our culture and ideals intact during these 20 years. Vasi Axinte’s experience at Wirtek frames this idea beautifully:

Vasile Axinte “The Wirtek team matters the most to me and then the fact that I personally prefer to build the relationships I have with others over time. It’s relatively easy to change companies in today’s IT market. Still, by doing so, you can end up in a strange situation where you’re always “the new guy,” and those relationships based on mutual trust between a team member and a company never develop.” Vasi Axinte, Senior Software Developer, 6 years @ Wirtek.


But when people stay in a company for so long, don’t they get bored? Don’t they limit their skills to one technology without being able to branch out? This is a good question and one we often get asked when we talk about long-term commitment.

Andrei Giurgiu “Even if I work for the same client for a very long time, we have new projects or technologies every year, which are a little more “challenging” than the previous ones, so you don’t have time to get bored.” Andrei Giurgiu, Senior Equipment Tester, 14 years @ Wirtek.


Ioana Galan “I found the right project that offers me many opportunities for professional and personal development. Even though I’ve been here for eight years, I’ve never felt like I’m stuck. The problems that had to be solved were dealt with, and my skills adapted to these changes.” Ioana Galan, Senior Software Tester, 8 years @ Wirtek.


Looking back at how far we’ve come, we must say if we learned one thing: we couldn’t have done it without these smart, empathetic, solution-oriented, and resourceful people. So, we went ahead and asked them what they learned in the years they have been working at Wirtek. We got some heart-warming answers.

Razvan Coste “It would be difficult to choose a good thing that I learned at Wirtek because, in 10 years, I have developed in many ways, on many levels. Nevertheless, one aspect does stand out: the importance of people and the quality of relationships among them, a belief that fits perfectly on my lifestyle and personality.” Razvan Coste, Software Developer & Scrum Master, 10 years @ Wirtek.


Cristian Olariu

"I think it’s the idea of creating a work environment in which the people feel free to be themselves. Danish / Nordic culture probably has an important role to play in this direction.” Cristian Olariu, Senior Software Tester & Scrum Master, 9 years @ Wirtek.


Adina Balea (1)


"Working with people, of course. And I still have a lot to learn. It seems like the most complex aspect of my role, and I don’t think it will ever become simple. Especially if you want to do it well.” Adina Balea, Director of Software Engineering Services, 15 years @ Wirtek.


Andrei Giurgiu "You don’t have to be ashamed if you don’t know something; you should not be reluctant to ask other colleagues for help.” Andrei Giurgiu, Senior Equipment Tester, 14 years @ Wirtek.


Outsourcing isn’t about heads/hour; it’s about relationships, commitment, professionalism, and personal & professional growth. It’s about building a company together with the people that believe in the same things as you.


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