WirTek enters into frame agreement with TTPCom

WirTek has entered into a frame agreement with TTPCom. WirTek will provide software development services for the ongoing development of TTPCom’s AJAR application platform for mobile devices.

It is not only WirTek’s strong competence in telecommunications and mobile telephones that is relevant for TTPCom-but WirTek’s flexible, customer oriented working model, which combines in-sourcing and outsourcing, has also been crucial. The special possibility of outsourcing to Romania, while not sacrificing proximity to suppliers, is an essential factor in the choice of WirTek as a collaborative partner.

“The fact that WirTek can offer outsourcing projects to their Romanian subsidiary at a competitive price, while at the same time they can coordinate the development of these projects from their Danish division makes WirTek a very interesting collaborative partner,” explains Morten Iversen, Director for TTPCom’s Danish division. “In this way, we can make sure that changes and follow ups can occur day to day, which contributes to reducing development time and risks often associated with complex development projects,” continues Morten Iversen.

“TTPCom is an extremely interesting customer for us,” explains Michael Aaen, Administrative Director for WirTek. “While operating within our core business area, mobile telecommunications, TTPCom is also one of the top SW platform manufacturers on the customer list. We expect a long and fruitful working relationship with TTPCom,” concludes Michael Aaen.

About WirTek

WirTek is a hi-tech software development house with core competencies within embedded software, applications, and infrastructure with a focus on wireless communication. WirTek’s core customers include international telecommunications companies. WirTek has been profitable since it was founded in 2001. During the fiscal year 2004/05, revenue grew by 41 % and profit was up by more than 50 %.

About TTPCom

With 10 offices and development centres around the world, TTPCom Ltd. is the principal operating subsidiary of TTP Communications plc (LSE: TTC). The company develops intellectual property used in the design and manufacture of wireless communication terminals. TTPCom licenses its technology to leading semiconductor and terminal manufacturers worldwide, including Analog Devices, Intel, LG, NEC, Renesas, Sharp, and Siemens.

TTPCom has established a leading global position with its GPRS, EDGE, and 3G protocol software; offers rapid customisation of handsets through its AJAR applications framework; and develops both radio and baseband cellular engines through its Macro products. More than 40 million devices using TTPCom technology were shipped in 2004.

About AJAR

The TTPCom AJAR Platform combines a comprehensive applications framework, a toolset for the development and testing of applications and user interfaces, and a complete suite of applications for today’s cutting-edge phones. It enables a single application investment for use across a range of low-end to high-end multimedia phones and provides portability across multiple 2G and 3G modems and multiple hardware architectures. The reduction in development costs and increase in productivity result in a reduced time-to-market, while AJAR’s flexibility enables handset manufacturers to quickly and easily develop a greater selection of products with a higher level of differentiation. A number of TTPCom and third-party applications are pre-integrated, including Java™; MMS; e-mail; WAP2.0; digital camera support; embedded and downloadable games; polyphonic ringtones and music phone technology; scalable vector graphics; security and download; DRM; synchronization; video telephony; FOTA updates; voice recognition; and multimedia content.

Further Information

Michael Aaen, Managing Director, WirTek A/S, Phone: +45 7214 6660
Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark

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