Test center in Romania running smoothly for 10 years

RTX is specialised in complex wireless products to i.e. industrial, medical, audio and energy sectors. The company has a dedicated team in Romania that handles different types of product testing. Wirtek handles all the practicalities of having a department in a foreign country.

– We are also an outsourcing company and we deliver product design services for wireless equipment like microphones. Our biggest business area is professional audio solutions, says Christopher Meisner, who is Software Manager at RTX. He continues:

– We started the cooperation with Wirtek back in 2006. At that time, we were in a process of looking for areas of potential cost reduction and we identified product conformance testing as a candidate since we have a great need to qualify our products.


Wirtek handles all the practicalities

Today RTX has a dedicated team in Romania and Wirtek acts as a ”host” for the team. This includes handling everything concerning HR, salaries, buildings, IT, etc. RTX interviews final candidates before hiring but Wirtek handles initial selection of suited candidates and all administrative tasks related to recruitment. This way, Christopher Meisner and his colleagues do not need to understand the various aspects of Romanian legislation etc.

– Our team in Romania tests everything from semi-manufacture to finished products as well as software. It could be a finished product in plastic, it could be a component or a platform. No matter the task, it is their responsibility to validate the product and test it using the relevant tools. Our testers in Romania plan and adjust the necessary test cases and deliver a report to us with detailed description of any errors found, Christopher Meisner explains.

It is critical for RTX that the test processes are handled in a professional manner:  

– Testing is a very important process for us – just as important as the actual development of the products. For us to deliver a quality product we also need to validate that the needed level of quality is reached, and we must document this. This is why testing is an essential function for us.

No cultural barriers

Since RTX established the collaboration with Wirtek 10 years ago the business areas have evolved significantly. Today, RTX is to an even greater extent a supplier of development and innovation than was the case 10 years ago. This development has not resulted in any challenges in relation to the Romanian team:

– It works very well and I do not experience any cultural barriers. Culture and competencies are quite similar to what we experience in Denmark. And we have had our team in Romania for so many years that the team has achieved many competencies. In other words, it has become an integrated part of our company. If we did not have our team in Romania, we would need to build the same competencies in Denmark, Christopher Meisner says.

Efficient and more practical

With a smaller RTX-team in Romania it is more efficient to have Wirtek handle all the practicalities. RTX do not have to invest in the administration in Romania, their own employees avoid quite a bit of traveling, etc., so the advantages are significant.

– If we had a team of 50 in Romania, the situation might be different. But it is a great advantage for us that I, as a manager, do not need to handle practical tasks like ensuring registration of e.g. sick leave, since Wirtek takes care of this, Christopher Meisner says.

– We have collaborated with Wirtek for more than 10 years now and we have only good things to say about the services provided by Wirtek. Since Wirtek is a healthy and growing business that also has headquarter in Denmark where our headquarters is situated, we see many analogies between our two companies and we understand each other very well, he concludes.

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