Patent applications on EasyCare submitted

A patent application containing several patent claims relating to the core technology areas of EasyCare has been submitted by WirTek.

The patent claims are centered on four main areas in the EasyCare product suite. Since all EasyCare products are based on the same technology and data, the patent claims are expected to protect the vital part that makes the EasyCare products unique compared to similar products on the market.

A number of claims cover the unique technology behind the interactive, user-specific guides provided by EasyCare. These guides combine easy-to-follow textual instructions with lifelike animations to help users configure and use their mobile phones. The dynamic generation of the guides allows them to reflect user-specific information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses in both the instruction text and the animated representation of the user’s phone.

In addition to this, claims relating to adaptive user interface features have been filed. These features are aimed at assisting users, who have lost their way within a guide, ensuring that they are safely guided back on track.

After the patent application had been filed, the marketing of EasyCare opened in 14 European countries, commencing with the introduction at the TMA2002 convention in Brighton, UK. Since the marketing campaign was introduced, several positive contacts have been established to potential customers.

About WirTek

WirTek has world-class competencies within wireless software technology sector. Backed by experience, innovation and a strong urge to fight for user friendly systems, WirTek has developed a broad suite of systems to help mobile operators reduce their customer care costs and, at the same time, increase the overall penetration of wireless services. WirTek also offers consulting services directly to companies such as Nokia, the world leader in wireless communications. WirTek has a frame agreement with Nokia covering consulting services within the realm of mobile browser technology.

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