End2End: an agreement based on trust

End2End has literally placed the management of its development department in the hands of WirTek. Together, the two companies will develop software that will be the foundation for End2End businesses in the future.

One of Europe’s leading hosting and service centres for mobile data services, End2End, has welcomed the consultants from the hi-tech consultancy house, WirTek, as their own employees. A development that started last autumn, where WirTek and End2End started to work closely together. With the new agreement, WirTek will become an important pawn in the development of the next generation of software that forms a part of the basis for End2End. »End2End has placed an enormous amount of confidence in WirTek and our employees, and this pat on the shoulder is one for which we have deep respect«, says Michael Aaen, WirTek’s CEO. He points out that the collaboration almost demonstrates wall-to-wall trust on the part of End2End.

»Working with WirTek simply makes us smarter, and that is of vital importance to us. Their cutting-edge skills go well beyond the mere development of elegant software solutions. We also absorb their knowledge at the same time.«, explains Søren Ravn, manager at End2End.

Since September 2003, WirTek’s software people have together with End2End optimized the systems that form an important part of End2End’s core business, while the shop has been in full operation. End2End has now decided to develop a completely new and flexible platform from scratch and has thus handed the task and their development department over to the hands of a project manager from WirTek.

»It is an important part of their business we are going to help them develop. It is a large and exciting task to which we are pleased to contribute and at the same time feel rather humble towards«, says Michael Aaen. »We cannot also help feeling rather proud that End2End has taken on our man as the project leader and the daily manager of the development department«, he adds.

WirTek is a consultancy house that employs highly educated software people who are specialised in developing software for the telecommunications industry. And that was exactly what Søren Ravn, End2End manager, was looking for. »WirTek has the exact key competencies within structured development that we are looking for. And then they can collaborate. It’s quite something to become part of a foreign development department and participate in creating a new agenda but that’s something the people from WirTeks have accomplished. Due to the synergy of the collaboration between the two companies, our own very competent developers with key competencies within development of services and platforms for mobile services find it most desirable to manage this project together with WirTek. The combination of the various competencies can truly get 1+1 to amount to 3«, he explains.

The partnership between End2End and WirTek demonstrates that Denmark’s hi-tech mobile industry center is located in North Jutland. The companies met each other through the network collaboration taking place in North Jutland, Gensoft, that forms part of the lighthouse project The Digital North Jutland.

Since the company was set up in 2000, End2End has enjoyed great success with the distribution of music, videos, calling tones, and other data packages from content providers and telephone companies to the end users’ mobile phones. However, to keep up with the development in the market, completely new software is required, and thus the present PHP language will be replaced by Java programs.

»The second generation of software will be based on modules; we will be able to offer our customers to try out our new products in the course of a few days – at an attractive starting price. Today, a new customer and a new product usually means several people working for several weeks«, explains Søren Ravn from End2End.
End2End are expecting to be ready with the new system in the course of the autumn this year. The actual agreement is a framework agreement on a one digit million amount, according to which End2End can draw on all resources among WirTek’s highly qualified employees that they need.

About End2End

End2End is one of Europe’s leading providers of mobile data services. End2End operates with a unique infrastructure; it connects content providers and portals’ selections of music, games, calling tones, and other data with any type of mobile telephone, PDA, or other mobile platform. End2End develops and maintains their own infrastructure, which makes it quick, flexible, and scalable for customers to outsource the distribution of their mobile data with the subsequent faster ROI and the cheaper TCO in the long run. Among End2End’s customer you can find leading mobile operators such as Sonofon, Vodafone, SwissCom, and Proximus and large mobile telephone suppliers, such as Nokia. End2End is located in Aalborg.

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