The beginning of a beautiful outsourcing partnership

What makes for a great partnership?

Trust, honesty, and transparency are some of the essential building blocks of a successful outsourcing partnership. Wirtek’s relationship with ClearView Trade is based on exactly those principles.

ClearView Trade is a young, dynamic company developing software solutions for the digitalization of international trade. They have been outsourcing part of their development with Wirtek for more than 10 months now, integrating 4 developers from Romania into their existing setup.

There were multiple reasons for choosing to establish a customer team in Romania. It was, first of all, a strategic decision stemming from the need to limit risks while growing the company. Staffing challenges in Denmark, the lack of workforce in certain domains, was also a concern that had to be addressed. The requirement was to find the people with the right qualifications and skill set, preferably at an attractive cost, in order to have the necessary capacity to handle the development and quality assurance of their product.

Outsourcing also provided ClearView Trade with the flexibility to change team setup and size when needed, adapting to slower or more work-intensive periods.

Challenges and achievements

There were, however, some initial worries and questions about outsourcing regarding control, quality and lack of industry-specific knowledge of the team. These were laid to rest shortly after setting up the customer team through the pro-active approach and openness of our team.

“What I appreciate the most is the honesty of the team, the fact that they dare to raise questions and offer feedback. The involvement and dedication of people in Romania are very high. Here I can have more eyes to develop a solution.” says Christian Veseli Iversen, the Product Owner and Project Manager at ClearView Trade when asked about our collaboration.

In the first few months, we have been working together towards clarifying expectations, implementing Agile methodologies and adjusting working styles between team members. “It’s very important to be specific about the expected results when outsourcing. The team has the freedom to decide how they achieve a specific goal, how to get it done. Then we share responsibility and they are also involved in decision making” says Christian Veseli Iversen.

The Danish and the Romanian team meet 3 or 4 times a year. The purpose is to further improve the collaboration by spending quality time together and convey the business goals clearly so that everybody on the team can align with them.

As for future plans, Christian Veseli Iversen adds “I see the team in Romania growing, especially development. We want to keep the development in one place for better communication among team members, so the team at Wirtek will grow.”

When transparency and honesty are part of the working culture like they are here at Wirtek, personal relationships are built, trust is gained and outsourcing partnerships flourish.

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