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Fellowship, not just internship - 2022 edition

Is an internship worth my time? Why not just skip it and go for a full-time paying job? In our experience, it definitely is, and by the way, you also get paid as an intern. But let’s look at an internship from the perspective of a student or a person making a career shift.

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20 years of Wirtek: We asked our colleagues why did they stay with us?

2021 was a special year for Wirtek. We celebrated the 20 years since we’ve been on the market and 15 years since we opened our first office in Cluj-Napoca. But what do these 20 years really mean to us? 

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Warrants, options, or benefits that employees don’t know they have

 IT outsourcing is one of the top employment options for developers, testers, HR, or marketing people in Romania. But as the field becomes more and more competitive, the candidate’s reasons for choosing a company diversify.

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