Global NewTech and Wirtek join forces

Now that Global NewTech and WirTek have joined forces to develop a solution that makes it even easier for users, companies with many international mobile calls will in the future be able to avoid the roaming charges.

Since 2004, the company Global NewTech have offered a solution that is based on the so-called Call Back Gateway and thus making it possible for companies to avoid the very costly roaming charges that are imposed on the user when using a foreign provider’s telenet. Owing to the user-friendly application developed by WirTek, the solution is now being met with an exceptionally favourable reception.

Mr. Ole Waallann, Director of Global NewTech states, ”We have put a lot of energy into the central system and it works impeccably today. The fact that the system is easily accessible and easy to use has been a decisive factor in targeting a broad market.”

Crucial collaboration

With help from the software development house located in North Jutland, WirTek, Global NewTech have developed an application that automates the process of establishing international calls via a Call Back Gateway and thus avoiding roaming charges.

”WirTek possess an impressive knowledge of wireless communication and user behaviour which means that we today are able to offer a problem-free total solution and this has a very convincing effect on companies,” states Mr. Ole Waallann, Manager of Global NewTech.

With the new application Global NewTech are experiencing that interested companies no longer worry about whether the solution will work but rather jump directly to considerations as to which type of Smartphone to choose, if the choice has not already been made.

”Global NewTech work within a field where user-friendliness is essential. We are pleased that we, with our competencies and experience within wireless communication, have been able to contribute to completing this solution that they have on the market today,” states Mr. Adnan Özari, Sales and Marketing Director of WirTek.

Solution enables many savings

The Call Back solution can be used with the company’s existing mobile solution – the automation part does however require one of the so-called Smartphones for which there is an increasing demand from companies in 2006. Global NewTech can, almost regardless of choice of Smartphone, offer the automated solution and guarantee considerable savings when mobile phones are used abroad. For some companies it will mean savings of up to 40-50% on the mobile phone bill and up to 60-70% on the roaming part that will be changed to the much cheaper ingoing calls abroad.

WirTek and Global NewTech have developed a user-friendly ”roaming killer”. Mr. Adnan Özari from WirTek (left) and Mr. Ole Waallann from Global NewTech (right) are the originators of the collaboration between the two companies.

Further information:

Global NewTech – Mr. Ole Waallann, +45 2211 7105/+45 3581 3161

Global NewTech develops and delivers niche solutions that are carefully selected, innovative and ground-breaking within IT and communication and at the same these solutions minimise costs and/or contribute to additional income for their customers.

WirTek – Mr. Adnan Özari, +45 2529 7595

WirTek is a hi-tech software development house with core competencies within embedded software, applications and infrastructure with focus on wireless communication. WirTek was established in 2001 by former Nokia employees with a profound insight into the technologies of the mobile IT world. On their list of accounts, you can find international groups such as Nokia and Texas Instruments.

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