Wirtek acquires Moltsen Intelligent Software

Wirtek has entered into an acquisition agreement with Moltsen Intelligent Software, a software house located in the North of Jutland and the masterminds behind TheCure.

The strategic purchase forms part of Wirtek’s comprehensive growth and internationalization strategy. In the long term, the expectations to the spin-off amount to a two-digit million DKK amount.

”We see enormous potential in TheCure and the technologies behind it. The product is a really good idea and it satisfies specific mobile operator requirements. We anticipate that the product will gain a front row position when we start marketing it internationally,” says Mr. Michael Aaen, Wirtek’s Managing Director.

Intelligent troubleshooting

TheCure is an advanced diagnostics program for international telesector; it enables automated troubleshooting processes within mobile networks. Using ”artificial intelligence” it not only detects an error but it also provides an exact diagnosis which eases the work of network support teams. France Telecom and Telefonica, the market leading mobile operators in France and Spain, respectively, have participated actively in the development of TheCure.

Development project for European Space Agency

In addition to the purchase of TheCure, Wirtek has acquired some very valuable specialized competencies. Competencies that among other things have led to an ambitious research and development contract for the European Space Agency that amounts to millions of DKK. Some of the same technologies that are used in TheCure can be transferred to space research and satellite based communication.

Moltsen Intellingent Software

Moltsen Intelligent Software was established in 2003 by Mr. Lars Moltsen. For several years, the two companies have collaborated closely, and Mr. Lars Moltsen will be playing a key role at Wirtek in connection with the development, support and sale of TheCure.

The 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona

TheCure will be represented at the 3GSM World Congress, 12 – 15 February, where leading international network operators will be participating.

Purchase sum

The purchase sum is comprised partly by an ”up front” amount that will be covered by a cash amount together with shares and partly an amount that depends on the increased turnover that the product gives Wirtek.

For further information:

Michael Aaen, CEO, Wirtek A/S, Tel.: +45 2529 7575
Nibevej 54, DK-9200 Aalborg SV
Lars Moltsen, Tel.: +45 2521 4635, www.moltsen.dk

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