Revolutionizing Energy Trading with SCADA International

In 2023, the energy sector experienced significant growth, with renewable electricity capacity additions of almost 50% higher than in 2022. Energy represents Wirtek’s most rapidly expanding business unit, with a 70% revenue growth in 2023, indicating the company’s alignment with market dynamics and future growth trajectories.

The acceleration of the energy transition drives a paradigm shift in how energy is generated, traded, and managed , signalling a considerable growth potential for energy trading software, with the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) industry projected to expand from USD 24.1 billion in 2023 to USD 30.2 billion by 2030.

The increasing complexity of energy trading underscores the critical need for cutting-edge solutions from partnerships like SCADA International and Wirtek to handle market volatility and capitalize on the interconnected global energy landscape.

SCADA International in brief

SCADA International, headquartered in Denmark, empowers the renewable energy sector through unparalleled SCADA expertise across a global network. With more than 17 years of renewable energy expertise, they are a leading software and hardware solution provider in the industry.

Revolutionizing Energy Trading

To address the challenges of Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs) with obsolete systems, SCADA International selected Wirtek as a technology partner to create a cutting-edge ETRM solution. In collaboration with SCADA International, the Wirtek team developed a modern, secure energy trading system with multiple integrations in under two years, a remarkable achievement given the complexity of the solution.

This rapid development was supported by the team’s high seniority, extensive technical and domain knowledge, and close-knit collaboration with the client throughout the process. The result is OneView® ETRM, a revolutionary energy trading and risk management solution that streamlines BRPs’ operations across EU electricity grids. It centralizes all key data for BRPs with renewable portfolios in one unified system, offers asset management, forecasting capabilities, and enables trade on various electricity markets (reserves, intraday, day-ahead). This innovative approach replaces outdated systems with a subscription model that ensures continuous maintenance and updates. Designed to be reliable and scalable, OneView® ETRM automates critical processes and facilitates swift market adaptation and risk mitigation through real-time monitoring and datadriven decisions, enabling BRPs to stay competitive and gain market share.

Collaborative Innovation for Market Leadership

The trust between SCADA International and the Wirtek team created a cooperative dynamic with frequent dialogue and client visits, where feedback drives product evolution and feature development, highlighting a shared commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. Wirtek is committed to SCADA International’s vision of transforming BRP operations. The consultative relationship between the two companies ensures that the solutions we develop together have a strong foundation for future growth. This strategy positions SCADA International for leadership in renewable energy trading solutions while strengthening Wirtek’s reputation in the energy sector.

Wirtek’s unique value-add stems from our energy market expertise and successful track record with Transmission System Operators. Coupled with a deep understanding of infrastructure and DevOps in the energy sector, this expertise positions Wirtek to fill a critical market gap caused by the scarcity of professionals with these niche skills. As a result, Wirtek is well-equipped to deliver complex systems for the energy industry.


Energizing the Future: Strategies for Sustained Growth

The upcoming launch of OneView® ETRM and its future international deployments demonstrate its readiness for future industry dynamics and promises to transform the operational capabilities of BRPs and power traders in the clean energy-driven market. The collaboration between Wirtek and SCADA International highlights the indispensable role of digital technologies and cooperative innovation in facilitating the energy transition. As the energy industry evolves and market demand grows, partnerships like this will be crucial in driving forward the agenda for a sustainable energy future.

The collaboration with Wirtek has been highly productive, driven by their energy expertise and tech skills. Scaling our team was made simple and contributed greatly to the project’s success.

Lars Glintborg,

EVP Technology, SCADA International


Key results
  • OneView® ETRM set for 2024 launch
  • Developed an end-to-end secure, scalable ETRM in under two years
  • Project success: from 3 to 13 team members y OneView® ETRM transforms BRPs’ operations and redefines industry standards
  • The close collaboration between SCADA International and Wirtek enabled innovation



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