How Wirtek and Spectralink grew alongside for over 12 years

We have collaborated with Spectralink, a top provider of enterprise mobility solutions, for over 12 years, during which we have successfully provided quality assurance services and helped our client develop its telecommunications products. 

Our collaboration started in 2009 with Spectralink's challenge: to find a team of engineers with a specific skill set to work as an organic extension of its in-house team. 

Our team's complex experience in quality assurance and rare skill set was the best solution for our client, and we have backed it up with efficiency, flexibility, and creativity. 

Read about our collaboration with Spectralink and discover how our know-how can help you overcome your business challenges in quality assurance.


Spectralink's challenge in 2009

In 2009, Spectralink needed a partner that provides quality assurance services for the company's DECT handsets and servers.

Spectralink decided to partner with Wirtek due to our well-known experience as a software development and testing provider in the telecommunications industry.

Our partner's biggest challenge was finding a team with a rare and complex technical skillset to effectively scale their team of engineers as an organic extension. The urgency resided in the fact that the company needed a partner providing high-quality services to integrate into their setup effortlessly.


Wirtek's solution

To answer Spectralink's need, we have deployed our top CCNA, or ISTQB certified engineers, with over 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in security and networking protocols, as well as Wi-Fi IP telephony and DECT know-how.

We have carefully handpicked the team members to ensure we provide on-time quality services to our client. This meant that we had to find the perfect combination of technical capabilities, background, and adaptability to put together in our team.

Our partnership started with an initial team of 3 engineers providing equipment and network testing. Our QA team has continued to work closely from Cluj, Romania, with its Spectralink counterpart in Denmark and the US.

Spectralink required a specialized team with a specific technical set for its product testing. Even though our collaboration's main scope was quality assurance, our team was required to have an exceptional experience and in-depth knowledge in communication and networking, as it was in charge of testing specifics, such as the network's functionalities and security.

Our QA team took over this aspect and was responsible for end-to-end testing from the very beginning. Being proactive and offering Spectralink out-of-the-box and efficient solutions was our cup of tea.

Having full ownership of the deliverables also meant that our team treated every aspect with full responsibility, translating into transparent progress updates and meeting the deadlines. This, in turn, enabled Spectralink to plan and meet its product launch dates.

We are proud to note that we have never missed a deadline in our 12 years of partnership with Spectralink - due to how our team of engineers organized and their ability and willingness to go the extra mile for our client.

Our team's technical capabilities, flexibility, and consistency have kept our collaboration with Spectralink for 12 years straight while maintaining our quality of services.


The technologies and tools we implemented to accelerate our growth

Our successful collaboration with Spectralink has translated into extending the scope of our partnership in 2018. It was the year we had created a second team for our client to oversee the embedded software development.

To ensure we provide top-quality services, our embedded software development team was responsible for delivering the most suited approach for our client on time. Our team followed the Agile methodology, which allowed them to remain flexible, adapting and implementing feedback on the go.

In our 12 years of collaboration, our teams have tested a wide range of Spectralink equipment, such as:


IT telephony
  • DECT and Wi-Fi Telephones
  • DECT Servers
  • DECT Base Stations
  • DECT Repeaters
  • DECT Handsets
  • Quick Network Connectors
  • DECT Modules
  • Network technology
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco WLC Controllers
  • RTX High-Performance 2.4 GHz Modules

Audio & communication

  • Microphones
  • Stage equipment
  • INTERCOM systems
  • RTX Multi-Level Modulation DECT Modules


  • Patient Monitor and Alarm Devices
  • Hearing Aid Accessories


  • Gaming headsets
  • Gaming controllers


Our teams have incorporated the best frameworks and tools for our client's needs, resulting in a complex mix of technologies that helped us perform better and deliver high-quality services.

Some of the top frameworks and technologies we have used to help Spectralink grow include:

  • C/C++ on Linux dedicated hardware
  • Regression, compliance, stress testing
  • Wireshark packet analyzing
  • Sip
  • DECT
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sensors
  • Android
  • Cisco WLC
  • Linux Server
  • PBX
  • Asterisk

In addition, we have successfully collaborated with our client through tools that have optimized our teamwork. These tools include Microsoft Teams, Jira, and GitHub.

In the end, commitment to helping our partner grow its business translated into our teams fully engaged in delivering top-quality services while understanding the client's needs and creating a productive working environment.


Key skillsets we offer to our partners

In our experience of working with professional telecommunications equipment, we have learned that manufacturers face a series of pressing challenges in delivering their products.

  1. Probably the most important of these challenges is the lack of trust in outsourced companies to fulfill their quality assurance need. Considering our 12 year-long collaboration with Spectralink, we have discovered that hiring an external QA team offers a unique and objective perspective on the matter while maintaining the service quality through a complex technical skillset. In addition, an integrated partner will also be able to help the manufacturer overcome some of the most common challenges the company faces. To name a few: reducing the time to market and respecting the launch date, ensuring objective quality control, adopting new technologies with minimal time, effort and cost, and finding and retaining a team of highly specialized engineers.

  2. In our experience, finding and retaining Equipment Test and QA engineers is one of the top challenges manufacturers face. There is a simple reason: they must have a specialized profile with very technical skills in various areas. Telecommunications Equipment Test Engineers must have specialized technical knowledge so niched that only those who are genuinely passionate choose this path. We provide our clients with engineers we nurture and help develop professionally and personally to ensure only top-quality services are delivered. Key skillsets we offer to our partners:
  • Networking and telecommunications protocols and technologies, backed by security know-how
  • Top understanding of the user's expectancies
  • Testing methodology and terminology know-how
  • Software development skills

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