EasyCare launched at TMA 2002 in Brighton

WirTek, the Danish specialists in next generation wireless services for mobile operators, will be launching EasyCare to provide improved customer service at TMA2002 October 21 – 23 in Brighton.

EasyCare is a new modular customer service oriented solution developed for mobile operators and service providers. Using pantented EasyCare, mobile operators can move support tasks from call centres to self-care, strengthen frontline call centre support capabilities, and increase the use of mobile data services. This will enable operators to benefit from increased revenue and reduced customer care costs.

Ejler Grosen Madsen, WirTek’s Vice President of Business Development explains, “EasyCare is based on detailed, animated instructions, so nearly all users are able to use existing functionality in their mobile terminals as well as the new data services like MMS. With this kind of personalised support, the operators can broaden their range of mobile data services.”

Nowadays, most of the players within mobile telephony offer their customers access to a whole range of services via the web. But what makes EasyCare unique is its innovative use of animated, visual instructions to explain complex tasks on the mobile phone. Also, its patented Panic Button function allows a user to be guided safely back on track, if a mistake is made.

WirTek also boasts the most complete library of phone instruction manuals to provide customer support personnel with interactive multi-media presentations, making problem solving much easier. The same presentations are also used for end-users to explain how to use wireless data services.

EasyCare is built on Java Enterprise Technology and is available on an open architecture so it can be integrated with other systems such as web portals, databases, billing systems and call centre solutions.

WirTek is currently working with the Trade Commission of Denmark to introduce EasyCare to the UK market. Trade Commissioner, Peter Moerk comments, “WirTek have a significant pedigree in software development as a result of their strong connections with Nokia. EasyCare is a clear example of their understanding of the mobile telecoms industry across the UK and the rest of Europe.”

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