Spectralink Case Study

Discover how our 14 years-long collaboration with Spectralink has been evolving and what challenges come along with testing complex telecommunication equipment and developing DECT server solutions.


We have worked with Spectralink, a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, since 2009, providing quality assurance services for their DECT handsets and servers. In the beginning our partnership started with a team of just three engineers doing QA, but as Spectralink’s products portfolio grew, so did the opportunity of our partnership. We managed two dedicated teams for Spectralink, in charge of equipment testing DECT and Wi-Fi products and DECT server embedded development. 

Spectralink picked Wirtek to be their quality assurance partner as we were a well-known and experienced provider of software development and testing in the telecommunications industry.  We were able to offer the technical expertise required as well as the capability to ensure stable and predictable service delivery on projects.

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14 years of partnership


Grew from a team of 3 people to two teams of 10 engineers


Providing Equipment Testing for DECT and Wi-Fi products




The biggest challenge faced by Spectralink in 2009 was finding a way to quickly scale their team of engineers with a complex and quite rare technical skillset. They needed a specialized partner that could easily integrate into their setup and work with the existing team as an organic extension. We had quite a short time in which to ramp up the team working for Spectralink, which added another layer of challenge.

Our engineers working for Spectralink on network and equipment testing have a strong technical background, many of them having over 15 years of experience in the field. Their experience includes in-depth knowledge of networking protocols and security, DECT and Wi-Fi IP telephony and the majority are CCNA or ISTQB certified.


Wirtek assembled an initial team of three network engineers in charge of QA. The QA team works in close co-operation with Spectralink counterparts in the US and Denmark while being managed locally from Cluj, Romania. While the main scope is product testing, our engineers are required to have advanced understanding and experience of networking and telecommunication to fulfill the scope of their work, as they are also in charge of testing the functionalities of the network itself, the security implications, and much more.

The QA team has had full ownership over deliverables from the very beginning, handling the testing cycles end to end. They feel empowered to step in and come up with solutions proactively or raise issues when they arise, rather than just implement. Throughout our partnership, our team has always been transparent about progress and managed to deliver on time, enabling Spectralink to properly plan their product launches. 

The trust earned by the team in Wirtek and our technology expertise reassured Spectralink that we would be able to maintain the same level of quality and consistency.


Electronic Equipment Conformance Testing
Manual and Automation Testing
Embedded Development


Thanks to our know-how and experience with DECT technology, as well as our history of success working together, Spectralink extend the scope of our partnership. In 2018, we created a second team for Spectralink, who oversee embedded software development. The embedded software development team follows the Agile methodology and are responsible for finding the best approach, delivering on time, and ensuring everything is top quality.

With the client's focus on Automation and Wi-Fi products, their collaboration with our embedded team was put on pause. At the moment we are providing Spectralink with a manual testing team and an automation testing team. In addition to conformance testing, a good part of the work is now focused on functional testing. 

At Wirtek, what we are most proud of about this partnership is having built a stable and performant QA team that has never missed a single deadline. Also, having attracted and retained some of the best engineers that not only deliver high-quality work, but are also proactive and can advise when needed. 

Our successful long term collaboration is empowered by the engagement of team members in understanding the client’s business and domain. Being committed and working as a team ensures a stable working environment and service delivery.

Today, we are continually scouting the market for the most talented people to join our team. By creating a supportive company culture and opportunities for our colleagues to further develop their skills, we’ve built in Wirtek a knowledge center for networking and telecommunications.


Technologies and Frameworks

  • C/C++ on Linux dedicated hardware
  • Regression, compliance, stress testing
  • Wireshark packet analyzing
  • Sip
  • DECT
  • WiFi
  • Sensors
  • Android
  • Cisco WLC
  • Linux Server
  • PBX
  • Asterisk


  • Jira
  • GitHub
  • Microsoft Teams

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About Spectralink


As an award winner in mobile technology, Spectralink has been transforming the way people work and communicate for 30 years. Through their determination to do extraordinary things, they enable mobile workforces and empower customers and partners to explore what is next, what is possible. With their enterprise grade, best-in-class mobile solutions, they are with customers wherever they work, however, they need them.




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Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip.

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