ProMark Case Study

How a project-based collaboration evolved into a strategic partnership consisting of services at many different levels


ProMark is a leading Nordic vendor of Workforce Management solutions for time and absence management, employee scheduling and task management. Their solution helps companies optimize productivity and generate savings through intelligent scheduling of resources. Simultaneously, they ensure that employees are paid correctly and in the most efficient manner. Globally, they serve more than 400 companies and over 300,000 daily users with intuitive solutions primarily suited for organizations with 100+ employees.  

Our collaboration with ProMark evolved from a project-based interaction to a dedicated team model into a strategic partnership. We have been working together for 10+ years. Our current form of collaboration involves a joint venture development center in Bucharest and a strong team of ProMark and Wirtek developers who work closely together.

Showcase results

Expanded ProMark’s permanent team of developers and added new competencies to the mix
Evolved from project services into a strategic partnership 
10+ years of partnership



Describe the initial challenge

With a long-term history on the market, ProMark built a strong team of developers who maintained their main product, developed in Progress OpenEdge. But as a market-leading software product, the pressure to keep up with emerging technologies is always high. The client was looking for a team to understand the market, update the graphic interface, add new functionalities based on their end users’ needs, and create new client applications. Their back-end capabilities needed to be complemented by solid front-end skills, which is where Wirtek came in.


Our collaboration started back in 2011 with a one-time project. ProMark was looking to improve the user experience of their web-based user interface, ProPortal, but their in-house team didn’t have all the technical capabilities. Our team was tasked with implementing new Telerik components to their ASP.NET client application.

ProMark was pleased with the initial results and decided to go further with the collaboration. The one-time project turned into a client team – or a dedicated team – where people were allocated to work solely with them. The dedicated team was split into two projects. One was focused on continuing the work on ProPortal, while the second started the development of another interface called ProPC.

Our team working on ProPortal started transitioning from Telerik RAD to Telerik Kendo UI for JQuery. This transition boosted the portal's performance and set a solid base for future functionalities. Wirtek developers continued adding and upgrading controls and functionalities in ProPortal for another three years.



The second part of this project started when ProMark decided to take the portal even further with completely new frameworks both on the front-end and back-end sides. They put together a team of their own but came to Wirtek for the extra support they needed on the front-end side. The transition to Angular and new back-end frameworks complemented the user experience of ProPortal, making it a much smoother tool for end users. The loading speed improved considerably (3-4 times faster than before); everything was happening almost instantly. This is the platform most of the customers are using now (2021), and ProMark is very happy with their product.

ProPC is another success story of the first years of collaboration with ProMark, handled by Wirtek architects in partnership with the client’s team of developers. ProPC is a Windows-based terminal developed in C#, with powerful offline functionality for registrations of all kinds via PC or tablet – in the office and on the go. It was built as a solution for end users needing to use the functionalities offline. ProPC terminals are easy to use offline, and the information can then be downloaded and synchronized with the server. Even today, five years later, ProPC is still used by many ProMark customers with minimal updates from the back-end team.


An ongoing collaboration

By 2016, ProMark had established a seamless collaboration with their Wirtek team from our Cluj offices. They also had a long-term Progress Development team from another service provider’s headquarters in Bucharest. As Progress is the backbone of their product, ProMark was looking for ways to diminish risks and create a safe environment for their back-end team. They wanted a stable partner to take over all their operations in Romania.

As a result of our long-term collaboration, Wirtek was a natural choice. We were there when they needed us to take on more responsibilities and provide a reliable environment for their Progress team.

  • We opened a new development center in Bucharest as the first step in a new strategic partnership with ProMark. The contract was signed at the beginning of 2017, and the new office was already open by the end of April.
  • The collaboration went from a great working model to a much closer, team-oriented partnership. One of the things we are most proud of is having built a stable environment for their back-end team. The Bucharest office is a space where they can interact with their Wirtek colleagues, grow their skills, and access any new resources or technologies Wirtek has competence.
  • We also managed to grow ProMark’s team to 18 people: 8 Progress developers, 4 front-end developers, 4 QAs, and 2 fresh new DevOps engineers. It wasn’t an easy process, as Progress professionals were very scarce in the local IT market. The solution we found was to grow and retain our own specialists by running annual internships.

This year we also ran a successful DevOps internship, and 2 of the participants recently joined us full-time. A large number of the current team members are people that attended our previous internship programs.

The team from Wirtek and their colleagues from ProMark forged a strong partnership that goes beyond collaborating smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Working together from the same office has made a considerable difference, and Wirtek’s involvement in recruiting, administration, and employee development has kept the team stable and happy.


Usability & UX
Custom Software Development
Architecture & High-Level Design
Performance Enhancements
Agile Product Development
Automation Testing


We are proud to have helped ProMark develop its product while taking our relationship further to a strategic partnership with a new development center in Bucharest. ProMark is always on top of its game; therefore, ongoing optimizations are necessary. Since 2017, Wirtek and ProMark team members have joined forces and started working on a massive project involving rewriting and updating all products. From the main platform to the web portal, mobile app, and client terminals, this is a long-term process still ongoing in 2021. The long-term benefits of this update are significant for ProMark: Improved UI/UX, an update in security, improved loading speed, and many more.

Professionalism, trust, and excellent communication have been the basis for our collaboration. Now, ProMark sees Wirtek as a partner they can rely on for technical advice, solutions, team management, and administrative tasks. The client's Progress developers from the Bucharest offices work as one team with Wirtek front-end specialists and testers to maintain their top-of-the-line product.


Technologies and Frameworks

  • Ajax
  • Angular
  • C#
  • CSS
  • Cypress
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • NativeScript
  • Net Framework 4.5
  • Progress OpenEdge
  • Selenium Web driver
  • SQL Light
  • Telerik Kendo UI
  • TypeScript
  • Webforms
  • WPF


  • Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • Jira

Client testimonial

About ProMark 

ProMark's Workforce Management solution is built on more than 40 years of in-depth Workforce Management knowledge from some of the most complex labor market agreements in Europe.

With ProMark, companies obtain information on their use of time and resources in real time. And valuable data becomes available when needed through integration into ERP and payroll systems.

ProMark is headquartered in Denmark, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Romania. Globally, they service more than 400 customers, 1,000 installations, and more than 300,000 daily users with intuitive and user-friendly solutions primarily suited for companies and organizations with +100 employees in most industries.




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Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip.

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