Wirtek enters into long term contract with RTX

Wirtek and RTX have entered into a contract that for the present will be in force until June 2009. A dedicated team at Wirtek’s branch office in Cluj, Romania, is available to RTX for testing their products.

As part of their growth strategy, Wirtek has established dedicated test teams in Romania based on the software test team concept used at Wirtek’s office in Aalborg, Denmark. A dedicated team is the customer’s “own department” at Wirtek’s facilities, their own computers, own network and own employees – provided by Wirtek, who also takes care of all administrative and HR obligations.

“We find it to be a great advantage to have a dedicated team at Wirtek. We can focus on keeping the team going with various test jobs and at the same time avoid all kinds of administrative hassles. Should we need more employees in the team, we just let Wirtek know. They then provide us with testers, developers and project managers that we approve before letting them enter the team,” says Niels Henrik Olesen, Engineering Director at RTX.

Conformance test of new products

The team in Romania, which today consists of seven testers and a team manager, handles so-called “conformance tests” of RTX’s new products. A conformance test is basically verification that a product works as it should. The team tests the products and registers any errors directly in RTX’s own quality assurance systems in order that RTX’s development engineers in Denmark may promptly continue their work and correct the detected errors.

In practice the team works as an RTX team and the potentially disruptive transition from customer to supplier is avoided due to the close relations.

Danish quality in Romania

Wirtek’s development center in Romania has been ISO certified and is based on the same values applicable for Wirtek’s work in Denmark. All employees are picked based on an assessment of whether they live by the basic values with regard to quality, customer focus, innovation and mutual respect.

For RTX it has turned out to be an advantage to outsource the conformance test in a manner where the closeness to each tester is maintained.

“In practice the tester becomes part of the individual project groups. The work and commitment is of very high quality while focus is maintained 100% on each test job. We thus find that our test jobs are handled in a streamlined way. In addition, having the test jobs handled in Romania improves the profitability of each project. By outsourcing our test jobs to Wirtek we have realized parts of our tactical objectives,” says Niels Henrik Olesen, Engineering Director at RTX.

About Wirtek A/S

Wirtek is a software development house with core competencies within embedded software, applications, and infrastructure for mobile telecommunications. Strong competencies in software development and project leadership, thorough knowledge of the telecommunications sector, and a flexible business model that makes both insourcing and different forms of outsourcing possible, secure Wirtek core customer relationships based on a high level of trust and high customer satisfaction.

About RTX

RTX Telecom A/S is an internationally oriented company with an objective of being the preferred partner within development and production of advanced wireless IP-based communication solutions. RTX consists of four business units each with wireless expertise. The business units are RTX Technology, RTX Consumer Products, RTX Network Systems and RTX Healthcare. The company’s headquarters are located in Denmark with offices in USA and Hong Kong. RTX Telecom A/S is listed on the Nordic Exchange, OMX.

For more information:

Michael Aaen, Managing director, Wirtek a/s, Tel.: +45 7214 6660
Nibevej 54, DK-9200 Aalborg SV, Denmark, www.wirtek.com

Niels Henrik Olesen, Engineering Director, RTX Telecom A/S, Tel.: +45 9632 2300,
Strømmen 6, DK-9400 Nørresundby, Denmark, www.rtx.dk

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