Texas Instruments values mobile know-how

WirTek is quick and flexible in an extremely specialized area where you can’t just look people up in the Yellow Pages, explains Texas Instruments that have just entered into a collaborative agreement with WirTek. This is the second time Texas Instruments has selected WirTek.

Texas Instruments A/S provides the majority of the contents of a mobile phone – both software and hardware. And things develop so fast in this line of business. At very short notice, Wireless Terminals Business Unit of Texas Instruments, who among other places are located in Aalborg, has entered into a collaborative agreement with WirTek for assistance in the development of software for the mobile protocols GSM, GPRS, and UMTS.

»They are clever people with great knowledge, and they are flexible and can move out quickly. With help from Wirtek we are able jump start a project.«, says Mr. Henrik Meinert, Software Manager from Texas Instruments. He points out that WirTek’s consultants can enter a project right away and be efficient from day one, whereas for Texas Instruments it would take too long to hire people and train them.

Texas Instruments already has experience in collaborating with WirTek. »This is the second time we have entered into an agreement for using WirTek’s consultants, and our experiences with them have only been good. It worked out very well the first time«, explains Henrik Meinert.

With the collaborative agreement, WirTek has become an acknowledged Texas Instruments collaborator, and the agreement forms the basis for a long-term collaboration.

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