Bucharest office open for business

Our new office in Bucharest was officially opened for business on May 2, 2017.

After about a month of starting to work there and getting settled in to our new surroundings we decided to enjoy a small celebration party on June 13th. The local team members invited their significant others to come and see their new office environment and to meet all of their colleagues. The newest member of the team, our new hire who begins working on June 26th, was invited with his wife as well. All 3 members of the Romanian management team flew down from Cluj-Napoca joining 4 of the Mark Information team members who had flown down from Denmark. They used this opportunity to have 2 and a half days to work face to face with their Bucharest team members.

Bucharest-Office-Open-2-300x282By 18:30 on Tuesday evening the caterer had arranged tables of appetizers, main courses and homemade Romanian desserts. Meanwhile the team set up their sound system and began the party with some world music tunes providing the soundtrack. Once the guests began arriving, work was done for the day. The good food was complemented by cold beer and red wine, specially ordered by one of the team members. The fun began inside our air conditioned 4th floor offices and once the heat of the day had passed, the party moved up to our roof top terrace. The cool breeze was most appreciated as was the beautiful light of the evening sky. The team enjoyed mixing and mingling with their colleagues and the guests with everyone getting better acquainted in a nice and relaxing setting.

This was just the start of social events in this new office. In September we will hold a Grand Opening celebration with the board of directors and more executives flying into Bucharest. They will greet representatives of the top universities, businessmen from the Danish business community in Romania, local collaborators and other members of the IT community and many other invited guests. We will share more details on this event as they become available.

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