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Wirtek is an organization guided by its values and has an informal atmosphere. We are team players who are good at taking the initiative and working creatively. We are known, both professionally and personally, for our adaptability and flexibility.

Our people are the most important resource of the company and this is reflected in everything we do here. We practice the concept of open management and support initiative and creativity. Our very flexible operating framework is a working culture focused on work-life balance. For this to be achieved, having the right person in the right place and our colleagues’ satisfaction at maximum are crucial. Here we have created a pleasant working environment and relaxed atmosphere, with spaces for offices and for socializing and recreation also. We come to the office with a smile on our faces, a place where we can work and be ourselves.

Here is what you will find about Wirtek:

Culture Values

Good professional and personal development possibilities

Each year at Wirtek, all employees have a job appraisal interview with their immediate manager at which they have the opportunity to discuss current issues as well as goals for the future. The interview focuses on working relationships, job satisfaction, any problems, tasks and goals for the next period, and by no means least, training and development. With a structured approach, we ensure that all the relevant areas are covered – in preparation for the interview all relevant background information is reviewed and is made available in advance to both parties. After the interview, a conclusion and employee career development plan are drawn up. This is confidential between the immediate manager and the employee and supports the employee in working towards his or her goals and developing both personally and professionally.

Focus on satisfied employees

We carry out job satisfaction surveys to ensure that we know how satisfied both the employees and managers at Wirtek are.

Employee benefits

From flextime, extra holidays, to Spa membership, Wirtek offers a range of employee benefits which contribute to creating an attractive workplace.

Knowledge sharing

To ensure optimal knowledge sharing, we have set up a knowledge-sharing network. Employees can get together to share particular specialist subjects and to discuss experiences, solutions, specific challenges, or anything of relevance in the exchange of knowledge in this particular area.

Holistic management

It is Wirtek’s strategic goal to focus on good management skills, which means that the management’s goal is to:

  • create security for employees
  • act according to company core values
  • be visible on a daily basis
  • carry out situation-specific management
  • ensure employee job satisfaction
  • ensure that Wirtek is an attractive working environment; among the best in the industry.

Wirtek Academy

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Wirtek Academy puts employee development into a system. Despite a great number of new employees, we manage to keep a focus on our core values, which form the basis of everything that we do, both as employees and as an organization.

Career planning and competence development is an essential part of our company culture. This is the reason why we have established Wirtek Academy: taking care of the careers of our employees.Focusing on the customer, on having mutual respect, on quality, creativity, and professional competencies are all integral to the way we work at Wirtek. Wirtek Academy helps us remember that even when it is hectic, there are some things that still must have top priority.

The elements in Wirtek Academy cover:

  • A general introduction for new employees
  • A plan for the certification of project managers and other technical employees
  • Managerial and employee development
  • Cultural understanding program – similarities and differences between Denmark and Romania
  • Multi-site/multi-cultural project work
  • Training in the latest technology
  • Building on domain knowledge within telecommunications and wireless systems
  • Practical sales training (all employees)
  • Wirtek Sales Academy (for employees with commercial relations to customers)


Challenges, friendly competitions and learning opportunities for students and all of us. This is what we offer at Wirtek’s Internship program. We like to introduce new candidates in our work environment, we like to train apprentices in interesting projects. A structured practice with mentors and clear purposes, so we all learn something from being together.

Meet Some of Us

At Wirtek we are a diverse and great bunch of competent colleagues who enjoy working in a Scandiavian-inspired working environment with a culture of “freedom with responsibility”. Take the opportunity to meet some of us here.

Career Opportunities - Come Join Us

Want to join our great team? Even if you don’t find an open position that matches your profile, feel free to send us an unsolicited application. We are always looking for great talent at Wirtek.

  • March 14, 2016
    Full Stack C#.NET Developer
    We are looking for great programmers who will perform a full range of complex programming tasks using a variety of web programming technologies.
    Learn more
  • March 14, 2016
    Senior Front-End Developer
    Put your software engineering skill set to work and build the first cloud based template management system using the latest cutting-edge tools.
    Learn more
  • March 14, 2016
    Danish Speaking Telemarketer
    We are looking for a great Danish speaking Telemarketer who will become an integral part of our growing telemarketing team.
    Learn more
  • May 6, 2016
    Sharepoint Developer
    To sustain the growth of our deliveries and upcoming projects, we are extending our Microsoft competences and we are inviting you to join our team doing SharePoint development on various products.
    Learn more
  • April 13, 2016
    Summer Internship 2016
    Check out our Internship program & join us ! We are looking for enthusiastic students interested in developing Web & Mobile applications using the latest technologies.
    Learn more
  • October 14, 2016
    Network and Telecommunications Specialist (junior/mid-level)
    We are expanding our customer team and are looking for candidates interested in and excited about networking and telecommunication.
    Learn more

If you are interested, send us an email with your application and CV.

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