Electronic equipment services

Highly skilled team enabling professional equipment manufacturers to build, test and integrate embedded systems and devices.

About the service

Our teams deliver a complete chain of services on your existing equipment from embedded and integration software development (with extended systems) to quality assurance and conformance of your final product. Our main areas of expertise are communication equipment, 5G technology, audio and sensor systems.

While the team is trained in specific technical aspects of their work (like DECT, WiFi, 5G etc.), our success is empowered by the engagement of team members in understanding your business and domain.

electronic equipment services

Our process

Acquiring domain knowledge of our clients' business is key for successfully delivering our services. This is one of our first concerns when starting to work on your equipment.
Our development team gets involved in understanding the technical aspects related to your equipment. Then, through an agile process, involving your product owner and other product stakeholders, we get the requirements and specifications for the work you want us to deliver on. The next step is prototyping for proof of concept, detailing and breaking down specifications to implementation tasks. We like to deliver in iterations, where this is possible, and present a release candidate.
The QA and conformance team will ensure product quality and functionality to meet the end user’s needs and expectations, by implementing the appropriate quality procedures and test scenarios. Thus they will:
1. Continuously monitor and verify test cases and fixes implemented by R&D.
2. Maintain a manual test suite to ensure proper test coverage.
3. Run manual and automated test suite at the end of each release cycle.
4. Help fix trivial issues identified by users or as part of QA.
A product that has been through this process will be ready for the market.

Collaboration models

When you decide to work with us, you can choose the engagement model that makes the most sense for you.


Dedicated teams

For complex software solutions, we build teams to help you extend or create your software development capabilities.

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Project services

Best suited for small scale applications with limited scope, or when you need to build a prototype quickly.

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